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This is to disclaimer that all data and information displayed on this blog is for informational purposes only. A disclaimer is a statement that basically holds you harmless from prosecution.

Flyextremeworld reserves all the right to make changes in the policy anytime and without prior notice.

Accuracy and Authentic:-

Every post displayed or published at this blog is checked twice. They are accurate up to our knowledge. Our team is writing this blog as our writers keep passion. So we are writing every article with passion and not for sake. You are allowed to put your comments below every article which matters you in case you have feedback or questions. You can also contact us regarding this anytime; your feedback will be valuable for us.

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Content Validity

The tutorials, articles posted by our team are researched well and later related expert provides complete overview of content validity. The information is accurate which are collected by our team but it might be changed after sometime because data is slightly changed with time. Our team also take special cautious to validate old date into new data.

Photographs and Graphic Images

We spend lot of time hunting for searching photographic images which are freely available. Most of the images used in my Flyextremeworld’s content are copyright-free and some others are edited by our It team. Some Graphics are our creative works. We don’t want those images to be misused in any manner. If you find any images of ours published in an illegal manner, or copyright issue please contact us at flyextremeworld@gmail.com

Personal Views

Flyextremeworld is our expert’s opinion. We are responsible for my blog’s content. All the articles posted in this blog are entirely based on my personal views and written by our team. We are honest with our views and our experts are searching authentic information first and then collectively make this information available for you because we want readers to make use of our site. You can always have option to leave a comment expressing your concern below the every article. All the sponsored and reviews are standard freely given to access of blog users and we produce honest reviews.

Copyright Issues:-

We collectively gather information and write informative articles for users and our intension is not to harm any other entity with using copyright content. We make sure that we obey copyright rules and policies, in case you claim anything used illegally, you can simply write us so we will take an immediate action of removal of article or images which is claimed for copyright. You can write an email at flyextremeworld@gmail.com. Please attach valid documents of copyright owner.

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