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Is Child Obesity Child Abuse?

child obesity is child abuse. From this essay, it is with no doubt that childhood obesity has become one of the most serious issues.

Childhood Obesity and Weight Problems, Cause & Prevention

Childhood Obesity and Weight Problems - Problem Of Obesity In Children and Obesity Causes, Prevention & Facts

Understand your Preemie's Special Need, Premature Baby Care

are you caring for a premature baby? things to know about caring for a premature baby and understand your preemie's special needs and care?

Impact of Playing Violent Video Games on Teenagers

Children should or should not be allowed to play violent video Games? Know the Impact of Playing Violent Video Games in Teenagers?

Does Peer Pressure Influence Teenagers?

Does peer pressure influence young people to engage in risque behaviours? explore Peer Pressure and Influence: Pre-Teens And Teenagers.

Single Parenting and Difficulties Encountered in Single Parenting

single parenting and difficulties encountered in single parenting - explore challenges of single parenting and how to resolve it?

Does covid-19 lockdown have any impact on premature birth?

Does covid-19 lockdown have any impact on premature birth? it has helped reduce premature births cases, which is a positive impact.

3 Simple Words To End Child Nagging And Negotiating

learn 3 simple words to end child nagging and negotiating - how can i stop my child from nagging?

The smart way to argue with your young teen - Parenting

the smart way to argue with your young teen - know more how to argue effectively with teen?

What Is The Best Way To Discipline My Child?

what is the best way to discipline my child? learn more about ten strategies that help to learn your child discipline with love and healthy way

How to Get Kids to REALLY Listen - Positive Parenting

how to get kids to really listen - tips for getting kids to listen – some recommended tips, how to really listen to your children?

What Parents Must Know about Their Child’s Personality?

becoming a better parent through understand your child's personality, what parents must know about their child’s personality?

Use Positive Self-talk to Improve Kid’s Mindset and Behavior

how to use positive self-talk to change your child's mindset - by using positive self-talk to improve kid’s mindset and behavior

What does refer to Positive Parenting? How it Works?

what does refer to positive parenting? how is positive parenting defined? does positive parenting work?

Protection of Child and Mandatory Reporting - Child Abuse

protection of child and mandatory reporting - In order to protect the children from violence, physical abuse, sexual exploitation, negligence and uncaring