Workplace monitoring, Methods of workplace surveillance & Employee monitoring

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Workplace monitoring and various methods of workplace surveillance

Workplace monitoring and various methods of workplace surveillance

Workplace monitoring is conceptualized to be part of the security management glossaries that are implemented and executed by the company management. The employee monitoring is explained to be the process of using various methods of workplace surveillance, this is to gather the relevant information about the activities as well as the location of the subordinates within the organization. The main purpose of exercising the workplace monitoring strategies is to improve the employees behavior as well as protecting the corporate resources. While the employee feels that workplace monitoring is the violation of their privacy right, they base their argument on the monitoring activities which could not be done under the prescribe laws and standards (Bueckert & Michaluk, 2016).

Digital monitoring is one of the strategic management approach use in an organization in monitoring the employee's activities in their workplace. This strategic management approach leads to many difference in the workplace. One of the primary difference is how the employee behaves while they perform their job functions. According to the research, 74% of the business organization uses digital monitoring to monitor the employee activities, while 40% of them use different monitoring form such as email monitoring; such kind of monitoring techniques use by the company is to protect its resources and the employee personal interest. The main aim of the essay is to explain the way that the company uses to monitor employee, and as well explaining about positive and negative monitoring approaches (United States, 2013).

Electronic employee monitoring is intellectualized as forms which an organization uses to monitor subordinate activities and operations. Business organization installs keystroke loggers on the machines to monitor employee computer and the usage. This software works in a way that it record all the letters or any activity operated by a computer and stored it in the computer terminal, the software could also record all the activity that takes place on the computer (Wallace, 2004). Video surveillance is also one of the primary electronic ways of workplace monitoring, the video cameras are installed in the workplace environment, this provides all the activities that take place in the environment, some even could record all the communication an employee us passing. Location monitoring systems are commonly used to employees whose workplace is when on transit using company vehicles, this system track all the movement of the vehicles until their prescribed destinations(Stanton & Stam, 2006). The use of internet employee tracking software such as ActivTrak should be use; this seeks to provide all the activities an employee is doing in the internet using the company computer.

Electronic workplace monitoring is prone to many advantages to the company. The use of workplace monitoring system compels employees to work in according to their job functions not involving themselves on other bad activities in the workplace. The human resource management could use the footages of employees in their workplace environment to promote the relevant employees. Financial monitoring is one of the essential advantages of workplace monitoring; it allows the organization to monitor its financial operations as it maximizes its profits.

Workplace monitoring disadvantages comprise those negative aspect which could be reflected after exercising the monitoring activities. Electronic workplace monitoring reduces trust between the employers and employees. When the employers find the employees personal data in the computer or company websites, the employee generates bad ideas about the employee's activities in relation to the company operation. For instance, the president of National Working right said that employee uses the internet to solve their personal problems. He said that when the employees see these personal data there is danger of them having the wrong idea of the employees.


It is hard task for the companies to monitor online activities, this has proven to be more discouraging. In order for the company to make things easy for both employers and workers, it should embrace the use of internet filtering software which screens the websites that workers might use, however, this approach does not resolve e-mail monitoring actions. But it will reduce the risk of accountability since it will be hard for employees to access websites that the company deems to be private.                                        

Before the company recruits new employees, it should provide framework description of monitoring activities, approaches and procedures and the regularity of monitoring the organization. By being frank with the monitoring guidelines, the company can become active in removing the candidates who does not agree with the companies policies. Therefore, it is always important for the managers to monitor its employee and making sure that they perform to the task. By being strict this will help the company to perform well since employees will get onboard and start concentrating on their assigned work, instead of wasting time using internet for their own private issues, that will endanger the company aim and goals.

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