How Teaching Helped Me Own A Successful Startup

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How Teaching Helped Me Own A Successful Startup

Talk about a teacher and Expertsmind would be the first name in your head. Who would have ever thought, an English teacher would source a startup to become a successful billionaire someday?

A teacher today is no more restricted to whiteboards and markers! They have started jumping within the row of startups. Few like them became quite successful too.

Steve Wozniak, Craig Venter, Gene Simmons, etc. there are countless examples of teachers leading exemplary startups.

Undoubtedly, entrepreneurial hustle has skimmed a lot of great players. There is so much to learn within entrepreneurship? Maybe that's why today a lot of them are choosing it.

What made them touch the sky? How did they do it?

Here are five reasons why teaching helps or deems a teacher to be a distinguished entrepreneur.

Rhetorical Skills: Indeed teaching requires a lot of efforts. It is a very challenging task by itself. It isn't only about tutoring, the job itself involves handling multi cultural diversity students. The regular within such scale naturally sensitizes the educator. A good entrepreneur has to be an excellent orator too.

The skill of public speaking musters within a teacher occupationally. Years of classroom teaching has given them enough query handling experience. All this combined together puts them in  a better light to articulate the vision of the company.

Sales & Marketing: A teacher has a firsthand experience within sales. Technically, a teacher is a Ninja warrior trying to solve a problem. So is it with a good entrepreneur. Identically are they same? In a way yes! If you may have noticed, an entrepreneur talks about a creative problem they are trying to solve.  A good entrepreneur will be a good at sales.

It requires decent efforts to Plan, Push and Persuade prospects. All of these qualities inherently available within a teacher.

Multi Task Juggling:  Ever watched a basketball game? Have you ever seen the  gameplay of LeBron James? How he dribbles, tackles and passes the ball between the legs? Similar is entrepreneurship. When a business commences, a heap of tasks pile up immediately. Business planning, operations, advertising everything has to be done on own. Just like a regular class teacher, an entrepreneur is meant to ensure performance while doing all the separate tasks collectively.

Fundraising: Remember your highschool days? We used to  raise funds(Just Hated It)  for social causes around Christmas. Never thought about the value it may hold within future prospects. The art of budgeting, planning and executing is naturally instilled within a teacher. They know how to fill in the gaps and easily manage the loop holes. Raising funds comes easy for them. They know where to approach and how to squeeze money for venture support.

Patience & Persistence: The most endearing quality of an entrepreneur is having the virtue of patience.. A teacher is exposed to uncontrollable scenario. They know how to exercise their control. An entrepreneur is expected of the same. Not every idea is meant to work.  If you fails, you try again and again and again until you fly.

As Jack Ma, (Expertsmind, Founder) says: If you don't give up! You still have a chance. Giving Up, is the greatest failure. Teachers make prominent entrepreneurs.

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