RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 07 Released Date Confirmed - Know Everything About This American Reality Show!

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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Reality TV Show

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Reality TV Show 

This show is an American famous reality competition television show which is about drug race that is run by the Rupaul who is a famous drug queen. With this show the Rupaul try to find the most glamorous drug queen and help them in fulfilling their dreams as well help them to find the better job for themselves. The show is nominated for critics' choice television award also the show won the primetime Emmy award in 2018.   

Know everything about Seventh Season of Rupaul Drug Race All stars: Release Date confirmed

The new season of the show is being launched and in the season all participate are the winners of the previous seasons, which is called as Queen of all Queens. The prize money is given to winner queen will be $200000in cash. The show is started in UK but it is famous in all over world. The contestant are advised to sent their interesting videos like ramp walk and performing some activities to the provided link and then the judge panel watch the videos sent by the participate and finalize the contesters for the show even the most famous celebrity are trying to enter in the show.

Rupaul drug Race expected Release date of season 7:

The Fans wait is over to watch the seventh season of the show because it is started in April 22 they can watch the show live in VH1 at 8 pm. Also the fans can find out who will be the winner queen of season 14 as Still the Queen of queens are Willow Pill, Angeria Peris Van Michael's, Bosco, Lady Camden and Daya Betty.

  There are also another show which is same as drug Queen is Winner baby will also air on April 29, it will make the fans more exciting to watch the drug queen. In each of the episode of drug queen the OTT platform like you tube will watch and comment on some of the best moments of the cast in season 7. The show will premiered in VH1 on 30th may 2022. Till then fans need to wait for passing comments about the show.

Expected cast of Rupaul drug case season 7:  

In the new season the cast will be the winners queen of the last seasons. There are three winner of the season 1 is Trinity the tuck, the Vivienne and Yvie Oddly. Second season winner was Trinity the tuck. The third season winner was Monet x change. The fourth season was won by the Jada essence hall. The fifth season winner was Shea coulee and the previous season winner was Jinx monsoon. So the eight queens have joined the new season.

Expected plotline of season7 of Rupaul drug case:

The all seasons of the show is quite popular among the audience. Fans are waiting to watch the new season of the show. They are waiting to see their favorite queen will win the show out of all then drug queen. In the show after ending of each episode one queen is shortlisted and have to leave the show after that. In every episode the queens are given the task like mini and maxi to fulfill. There are lot of drama can be seen in the season 7 as Raja and jinkx is re enter in the completion. The other queens Monet and Trinity attempt to break their tie from season 4 and the queen Vivienne will take whole group of queen to the other country.

Also the star cast in new season 7 is only 8 queens comparing from the cast from the previous seasons like 13 queens was competing in last seasons. It is because two episodes are coming combined or maybe the new season will chance the format of the show to let the queen stay in game for more time rather than they are out by the show.  In last episode after every episode it was sad for fans to say good bye to the queens. We are hoping the new season will bring the new storyline ad concepts in the show.

Expected trailer of Rupaul drug race season 7: 

the official publisher of the show is YouTube where fans can see the latest update related to the show. On Wednesday, April 13, on YouTube account of drug race's posted a video announcing that the 7 star queens back. This is a sign that the show next season is coming soon. The drug race season 7 will premiered on May 20 on Paramount+ platform. 

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