Modeling and Glamour, A Truth behind Fashion Industry India

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Modeling and Glamour, A Truth behind Fashion Industry India

Although, we live in the era of glamour and high status lifestyle , fashion that defines our life nowadays. Leisure at a   time and everyone ought to have atleast basic fashion knowledge to live their life according to the culture nowadays. Fashion is becoming the basic requirement for every person in our society. Everyone wants to be fashionable and wants to the eye candy for everyone. Fashion is comparatively related to the basic amenities without that we cannot live.

As , we live in 21st century life of a person  has changed in every magnitude and every aspect. If we talk about the fashion industry of our country, it requires lot of will power, strength, hard work, and probably a strong background indeed. Creativity is the most.  Fashion industry and the bollywood known for the glamourous life of the people related to it. Every single individual wants to have a lifestyle like them. But, no one knows about the reality, everyone can see the honey outside but   the bee is always hidden. Fashion industry includes actors, models, signers, fashion stylists, producers, etc and many type od creative directors who manage this field.  This field can turn life of a   person from beggar to the richest person overnight. Models are the most vulnerable and most needed part of a fashion industry. Models are the best representatives to display their work to the world so that they can get appreciation and it adds a big amount in the economy of our country as a whole.  If we talk about models, they are the most interesting part of a fashion industry and lead a very roller costed and adventurous journey all over. They even turn to become stars if they get a chance to act in any movie.  Modeling is the first step to enter in the fashion industry. Models are required mainly for the designers to showcase their designs and make aware about the designs and trends of present times so that their designs can b sold out and they can earn money to live their life.

But if we see the other factor in the life of a models or the challenging part to b a model or every model goes through their life is very disappointing and harassing yes, harassing is the accurate word to denote the mal activities done to a model a female or a male model both.  It's a male dominating industry, mainly female models goes through sexual harassment, rape victims, unwanted pregnancy, abortions.  Models are harassed mentally, physically and financially too. They are made to work under a lot of pressure of compromising their body sexually and compromising their self respect.  They are forced to build up sexual relationships with the person or the people offering them the chance to push their career ahead. Models are treated as vulnerable objects and treated as creatures to just use and through.  Values and morals are not visible nowadays, previously every women were respected as their highly duty respect and given all the heartly respect that they deserved. But now mainly into this industry  people  are behind  money like anything , they just want to get it through  every pros and cons. even  getting addicted to drugs is more challenging , 90% of the  leading models are addicted to every kind of drugs and they suffer from mental torture every day. They are even made to work as a prostitute somewhere. But not everywhere. If we have bad people, we have good people also in our world that can stand for us and save our dignity and respect. At last , to end this blog for you, we can say that this field only flaunts the glamourous part and portrait according to that but its more  than that  as we go deeper and deeper to know this industry  we face the hell  which come out.

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