Know Everything about Latest visa updates of US, UK and Canada in 2022 -2023

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Latest visa updates of US, UK and Canada 

If you guys are planning to go abroad like US, UK and Canada, any of this city, so you must be aware of every kind of changes happening in the process of going to abroad. There are a lot of changes in the visa applications of US, UK and Canada. So, here we will discuss the updates that are recently added to visa applications of US, UK and Canada. As we know last one-half year or almost two years, we all were stuck at our own places, due to pandemic. Because of this covid the foreign cities have also stopped the inflow of international students who are coming for study purpose and the one who are coming for job purpose. This all happens again during this Russian-Ukraine war tensions, visa applications of many were stuck in between and they were not allowed to move foreign. If you planned to move to foreign then you should know the changes in the visa of some cities like US, UK and Canada.

US Visa Updates 

The Minister council for council affairs of US at the Delhi embassy has recently passed announcements regarding the visa applications of the people who are waiting to move in there. Of course, there were some people or we can say student who are new comers and some were who came to India to meet someone, or to spend vacations. So, the first rule of the US embassy was that this year the visa approval will be done only of the new arrivals in US, means who have never been to US and the ones who are going back to US, this year their visa applications that they have applied might get rejected. Because the US embassy thinks that they should first chance to the people who have never explored US rather than giving preference to the people who had already been to US. They have also given the report the despite of covid period they have received the highest application of visa that is around 62000, and this year it will start in mid-May and hope to cross more than the last year. The visa of whose is rejected thrice and in spring season and if any of them will try to get the summer one will might get interviewed and the visa will be approved. One more update of the visa of US is that the interview slots of B-1and B-2 will start from September 1st.

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UK Visa Updates 

The UK visas and immigration offices has now been prioritizing the Ukraine-families scheme, means they are helping them, giving them shelter because of that war going on there.

Because of this they have the stopped the approval of visa applications who have planned to study their or trying to move there on the basis of their jobs. They are currently not accepting and visa applications related to family applications.

Canada Visa Updates

The visa applications of Canada had changed a lot more than the other cities. These all changes occur in the past few weeks. There is major update in open work permit extension for holders of post-Graduation work permit. The student who are living in Canada with this PGWP that will expires in this mid of January will get eligible for an open work permit up to 18 months. The authorities also said that the more updates will also be driven slowly-slowly. This all is happening due to this pandemic period.

Visa updates for the permanent residents of Canada

The immigration Refugees and citizenship Canada (IRCC) has announced that the fees of going or coming back will be increased for the permanent residents. This will be in considerance from April 30. These all we also be applicable for those who are already living in Canada but are not permanent residents, means they have applied for the permanent residency and those who have applied it through temporary residency programs. The new policy of temporary residence and permanent residence does not require them to be in Canada they should have applied for it. The family members including the person who has applied for the permanent residency will be eligible for the open work permit. From April 1 the vaccinated travels do not need to take vaccination or covid-19 certificate test certificates them to enter in Canada. This is the major change that has come under the visa updates of Canada.

One more thing to keep in mind is that the travelers, who are going to Canada be tested at any time during their journey and that too can in after reaching there in the city.

So, now you are somewhat cleared that these all-update changes are coming because of the covid-19 period or we can say pandemic that has affected the whole world for about 2 years very worsely. So, it means that you should be very cleared about the latest changes coming in visa application, that means that you are planning to move to abroad Like US, UK or Canada like cities. Especially, the Canada is more in demand in between students who are planning to shift their studies to abroad. Therefore, there visa applications are subject to change depending on the cities they are planning to go. You can take help from the abroad study counselor who will guide you in this path forward and will tell you all the changes that had arrived in the past few weeks, they can also make them realize about the study period ion abroad. So, now you should no what to know when you are thinking of going abroad for further studies, and yes that from where you should get all the information, regarding the studies or any latest updates that has been announced by there respective government related to the entries of the new persons in their countries, you should also be aware of the situation that is in that city where you are planning to move in. So, from here you are little bit cleared about the visa policies updates in these cities and stay tunned for more updates and be in touch with the study counselor of that place.

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