5 Online Courses You Must Enroll in to get In-Demand Skills - Best Career Options

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Best Career Options, 5 Famous Online Courses - 5 Online Courses You Must Enroll in to get In-Demand Skills

Best Career Options, 5 Famous Online Courses - 5 Online Courses You Must Enroll in to get In-Demand Skills

5 Online Courses You Must Enroll in to get In-Demand Skills

In today's competitive market it can be difficult to know which skills are in-demand. Also, many people want the flexibility of learning online, because the courses can be completed according to their schedules, and the cost of online courses is usually lower than the cost of traditional courses at a community college or university.

The best online courses to enroll in for in-demand skills are coding, web development, advanced Excel skills, digital marketing, search engine optimization and statistics and data analysis.


A terrific way to distinguish yourself from the legions of people applying for a job is to know how to code. Everyone online uses some form of coding. Your clients can include software developers, website developers, bloggers, and graphic designers. While there are many computer languages being used today, a great way to quickly enter the field is by learning HTML, CSS, and Java.

One of the best online coding courses is zealpersons. Students can opt to complete a series of courses or enroll in just one course. Students learn by watching entertaining videos, and then applying the information from the videos to tasks. If the students have difficulty completing the assigned video-based tasks, they can purchase answers to the questions using points they have earned from other completed courses.

 Web Development

The Internet has become an integral part of everyday life. It is almost impossible to have a business, government service, school, or even a social club without having an online presence. Unfortunately, there are still not enough skilled web developers to help all of the organizations that need websites developed. In addition, there firms and people that need their sites updated, optimized, and maintained so that they can attract more traffic to their websites.

There are ten free web design courses that can help beginners and people who know a little about web design. If you have some experience in web design and want to build on those skills, or add to your skill set, they can help you do that too. In short, if you want to be a website developer and make money from it, you can get all the training you need online for free. Your only decision, which free program to use while you learn your craft.

Advanced Excel Skills

Although Excel software has been around for decades, very few people have mastered the software program. The Excel masters can produce beautiful graphs and charts that make presentations memorable, convincing, and greatly aid in the transmission of information from the presenter to the audience. People with advanced Excel skills can work remotely, part-time, or on-site depending on the job.

There are various sites like Expertsminds that offer excellent Excel courses and assignment help. The courses are taught by professors from universities and other educational institutions. Students have many study aids available to them. The material is presented via videos, and the assignments are graded by the computer or their classmates. There is also a community discussion forum, so students can receive support from other people studying the course and tutoring from those familiar with the course material. Another bonus, after students complete a course they will receive an electronic course certificate. The course costs range from $29 to $99.

Digital Marketing

All kinds of organizations are looking for people to help them reach their target audience. Digital marketers use social media, advertisements, email campaigns, surveys and even collaborative online projects to attract customers to their clients' businesses and websites. The best digital marketers not only increase traffic to their clients' websites, but also convert the traffic into paying customers.

There are five free digital online marketing courses that you can study. The courses offer different types of learning material. For example, the Google Online Marketing Challenge uses modules. If you prefer webinars and white papers you can study the course created by Expertsminds. Some of the free courses will give you diplomas and certificates when you successfully complete their courses.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Everyone with a business product, opinion, service, and an idea is fighting to get to the first page of the search results, and to be listed first on that page. People fight for the top spot on the first page because that is the link that most people click. It's the link that has the best chance of getting the business, and keeping the customers. Search engines continue to change their code to make it more difficult to secure the top spot on the first page of a search result. It is also challenging to be on the first page of the search results. Now there is a great need for people who are excellent at search engine optimization (SEO). If you are trained in this area you can work anywhere in the world, for any company, and set your own hours.

There are nine free SEO online courses that can help you launch your new SEO career. There are courses that focus on reading about SEO, watching videos, and even ones that use interactive learning. If you are interested in a course with lots of tutorials try the Hubspot Academy courses. It provides its students with tutorials, tests, templates, and guides. These nine free courses provide a lot of resource material, lessons, support, and guidance for people who want to work as SEO professionals.

Statistics and Data Analysis

The business world has only become more complicated with people needing more data, data analysis, and interpretation of data to make decisions. The individuals trained in statistics, data analysis, and the use of complex statistics and data analysis software will never be unemployed. There are very few people who can do this kind of job, yet many organizations need someone to do this kind of work for them.

There are nine free statistics and data analysis courses available for people who want to move into this field. Some of the courses will provide students with a certificate after the course is successfully completed, and students pay a fee for the certificate. The courses allow students to focus on real-world problems, business simulations, and show students practical applications of their knowledge and skills. One course, Dataquest, offers three paths of study, data engineer, data analyst, and data scientist. If you are interested in this field, get the training and knowledge that you need for free.

For people who want to acquire in-demand skills via online courses, there are five that you can begin studying now. If finances are a problem, several in-demand skills can be learned for free. For those who may be unsure about which in-demand skills are the easiest for them to acquire, most of the courses that require tuition offer some free courses or have a free trial period. If resources and learning style are a concern, the courses offer different types of learning aids, learning techniques, and student interaction.

The five online courses that you must enroll in are coding, web development, advanced Excel skills, digital marketing, and statistics and data analysis.

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