Amazing Google AdSense Alternatives To Try - Checkout TOP 5 AdSense Companies!

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5 Amazing Google AdSense Alternatives To Try - TOP AdSense Websites

5 Amazing Google AdSense Alternatives To Try - TOP AdSense Websites

Amazing Google AdSense Alternatives To Try

In this era, when blogging is an emerging, rising star, Google Adsense Alternatives is what every blogger needs to know.  In modern times, blogging has emerged as a champion of all times which has the potential to bring anyone the fame and money which he desires.

When someone starts a blog, the primary motive can be to share his ideas and views on something, but with the time that also brings them money and fame. Want to know how. Well, when someone starts a blog and start sharing his content, whether, in the written, or visual forms like images and videos, it gets viewers according to the quality of the content.

If the content is of high quality and is able to drive much traffic on it, then in no time the content creator becomes the star of the field. And it is here it starts making money when any content creator reaches a sufficient number of followers then and an influencer and attains the power to affect someone's choice and decision-making capability.

Then the brands and companies start approaching him to endorse their products, to advertise their brands and products. And by this, bloggers can earn hell a good amount of money. For the displaying advertisements on their blogs and websites, the bloggers can charge a pretty well sum of money, depending upon their fan following, which can be turned into potential buyers of the brand and company.  And in this way bloggers can earn up to 6 digits per month. 

Impressed Right

The best option for making money through blogging is Google AdSense. With Google AdSense, you can sell a place of your blog to Google, and it will sell that to advertisers who want to display their advertisements on your blog.

So in this way, you don't have to look for the companies, but instead, you have to contact Google and then have to sit only.  After selling your space to Google, you have to rest assured, the rest is on Google. You would be getting paid for your space even months after submitting your article or content to Google. And that is why Google AdSense is the first choice among the bloggers and content creators for their monetization.

But is that only option to monetize your blog, or are there many more option out there which you can try.  Well, in this article, we would see that whether there are Google AdSense alternatives or not, and if there are then how good they are and to what extent they can be helpful for the bloggers.

So let's dive in. 

Why It Is Important To Know About Google AdSense Alternatives - Know about TOP AdSense Websites

Well, you might be thinking that if Google AdSense is the best tool for monetizing one's blog, then why should we discuss the Google AdSense Alternatives. Well, although Google AdSense is perhaps the best tool, there are many other Google AdSense Alternatives which you can try. Why, because getting yourself registered with Google AdSense is not a cup of tea which anyone sips. You have to do a lot to get registered with Google AdSense.

There are so many criteria, rules and regulations, and terms and conditions which you have to fulfil prior to getting registered with Google AdSense. And that is not easy for everyone, and not everyone can fulfil all those criteria and rules and regulations. And if you won't fulfil all the terms and conditions, then you cant get yourself registered with Google AdSense and also can't make any money too.  Also if your content and blog are not up to the standards of Google AdSense, then Google can suspend your license too, and then you would never get registered yourself with Google AdSense, and cant makes with it. 

Here two strategies can work

First, you can try with Google AdSense and can get yourself registered with it. And if you get successful in that, then it is well and good. And if not, then you can get yourself registered with the Google AdSense alternatives and can monetize your blog.

Second, you can first try with the Google AdSense alternatives and then when you get able to fulfil the terms and conditions of Google AdSense then you can go for it, and monetize your blog and website. So, it becomes really important to look for the Google AdSense alternatives that can help in monetizing your blog and website. 

How To Apply 

Whether for Google AdSense or any Google AdSense alternatives, you have to first apply first or get yourself registered with them. And for that, there are certain basic requirements that you need to fulfil.

For example, you need to attain a minimum number of followers on your blog; you spend their time on your blog and engage themselves with your content. For the visual content like YouTube videos, there is a watch time which you need to reach and a number of subscribers to get yourself registered.

Similarly, for the written content, you need to have some minimum numbers of followers and viewers after which you can apply for being getting registered with them and can earn money from them.  Everyone has to follow this procedure to get themselves registered with Google AdSense or Google AdSense alternatives. 

5 Best Google AdSense Alternatives

After discussing the Google AdSense and the need for Google AdSense alternatives, its time to move forward for the 5 best Google AdSense alternatives that are the main theme of the article.

5 best Google AdSense alternatives,

The first Google AdSense alternatives to get a place in the list is this which is the first and oldest platform for monetizing your content and is used by the networks including Yahoo and Bing. These two are the oldest ones in the field and yet till now playing very well.

Although Google has become the king of all they cant be underrated and this Google AdSense alternative cant be ignored. 


The next best Google AdSense alternatives having secured the second position in our list is PropellerAds. The factor why it is loved so much because it offers many features to its users, including, a large ad network, a wide range of advertisements such as banners, sponsored links, and push notifications.

It has a straightforward and decent interface and thus is also favourite to the newbie. Some of the other features are automated ad optimization, fine-tuned AI, and many much more which you can explore. 

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Who is not familiar with the shopping site Amazon. Started as a book delivery service, it has developed significantly in past years and is expanding till now, making its owner playing in hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Now it has become a one-stop online platform for all your needs, ranging from grocery to electronic devices, appliances, apparel and beauty and much more.

Similarly, it is also becoming good Google AdSense alternatives and making its place in the heart of people.

It is very contextual to use, and only display the relevant products based on the page content and keywords. As Amazon is one of the best and fastest-growing e-commerce website, so you can take help of this Google AdSense alternative to make money.


The next best Google AdSense alternative in the list is this tool which is an excellent Google AdSense alternative to go with.

Why, because it automates the affiliation, allow to focus on the running website, and with it, you don't need to take tension about the setting of affiliate links.

The most promising feature it has is that it makes your commerce content automatically update with the affiliate links, and also can enhance the commercial activities of your website.


Last but not the least Google AdSense alternative in the list is Setupad. It is a platform from where the publishers can increase their ad revenue to the maximum with only a follower requirement of 100,000.

The features it has includes, in - house suite of programmatic monetization, solutions - header bidding wrapper, header bidding SaaS solution, and SSP Adapter.

With all these features it has a wide range of ad formats for all purposes and needs and depending on the desktop and mobile, including sticky and anchor ads, responsive ads, video advertisements, native advertisements, and many more.

These are some of the best Google AdSense alternatives that you can choose to make your blog monetize so that you can earn some money. 


Our article is not finished yet. The article has one more thing to offer, and that is a pro tip.

Well, today's pro tip is that before going for the Google AdSense and Google AdSense alternatives you should work on the content. All of these would be useful only when you have sufficient numbers of followers and readers who can turn into the potential and loyal customers of the companies and brands. And when you get the required number of followers and viewers, then you can get yourself with them very easily.

Even the Google AdSense gives you the license on the basis of the standard of your content and then gives you the license. Another pro tip is that you can use affiliate marketing also for monetizing your blog and website. With Google AdSense alternatives, affiliate marketing is also one of the most used methods to earn money through your blog. 

So we have discussed the Google AdSense alternatives that you can choose apart from going with the Google AdSense to monetize your blogs and websites. Through your blog and your ideas which you share with your audiences, you can earn hell a good sum of money and can become famous all over the world.

Best Google AdSense Alternatives: - Let's take a look some more Google AdSense alternatives to try:-


2.      PropellerAds

3.      Amazon Native Shopping Ads

4.      Adversal

5.      Sovrn //Commerce (Formerly VigLink)

6.      Skimlinks

7.      Monumetric

8.      Adbuff

9.      ylliX

10.  InfoLinks

11.  MadAds Media

12.  Bidvertiser

13.  Evadav

14.  PopCash

15.  PopAds

16.  RevContent

17.  Adsterra

18.  SHE Media

19.  AdRecover

20.  BuySellAds

21.  AdClickMedia

Blogging is not only a way to express your voice, expression, and ideas if utilized well, and this can be one of the best and proven way to earn money from your blog which can be a good source of passive income for the ones who have unique ideas and content to share with the world.

And with Google AdSense alternatives, you can give your dreams wings to fly with your ideas and voice.

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