Benefits of online tutoring - How convenient is online tutoring compared to traditional classrooms?

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Benefits of Online Tutoring:- 

Future mode of education: As you all know that our future is now switching too online system day by day. Slowly everything will become digital, all the tutors are giving online classes to the children like making videos or taking zoom meetings with a group of students to make them understand the concept. They all are trying to make every people aware of new-new technologies and making them comfortable with it. As we know everything in the entire world has some good things and bad things too. Same as in the online tutoring, it is not that much easy if you think because there are a lot of problem one can face during any online session. This online education system has come in huge demand during this covid-19 period, because in this time everything was closed and you can't move from your own place to any other. So, the government decided to make the study of students online so that they can continue with their study and that too at their own place. But this online tutoring has also problems like mobiles or laptop should be available, proper network connection is needed which many of the families can't afford. Many students find this online tutoring more effective and interesting; the benefit is that the student who need extra help in learning are able to do this effectively now.

In this article we explained benefits of online tutoring, how convenient is online tutoring compared to traditional classrooms? Explained some pros and cons of online education vs traditional education. Know some reasons why online learning is more effective.

Different forms of online tutoring:-

Because of this transformation to digital education, it is very essential now a days. Every tutor is present online which will help you increasing your knowledge and that too from the person's with professional experience. Math, English, CAT, Aptitude extra all the teachers are present.

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Now there are two types of tutoring:

Asynchronous- This is not that kind of form in which you have to interact in any kind of live session with your trainer or tutor. This is helpful to those students who feel uncomfortable in speaking live the tutor so in this you can send your question to the tutor and chat with him/her and then he will revert you back with proper answer.

Synchronous- In this you and the tutor you both have to come in the online session and then have to discuss your queries or anything you want to discuss. This will also help in improve your talking skills and boost in your confidence. It includes videos, audio extra.

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Benefits of online tutoring:

As the increase in demand of online education system there are so many changes in this system too.

All time available- The main benefit of this online tutoring is that the tutors available to you 24/7. This can happen as they have to be online all time and keep on a regular check on your phone. This means the student can interact with the tutor anytime and from any place there is no barrier for this, this makes it very comfortable for the student to go for online tutor.

Personal training: This is very helpful benefit for student because in this you will be given personal training too. Personal training means that you can also have one to one interaction with the tutor and discuss everything where you face problems. Then he/she will provide you the solution of that in the way they can, like in the form of assignments or any recorded video lectures, notes or anything else. You can access this supplement given by the tutor any time you need and you wish to. This will increase your learning capability and opens a wide window for knowledge.

Comfortable schedule: It is not easy for anyone to maintain their schedule of the whole day and do more and more things. Like for students they have to attend schools, then homework, games, extra work also included. So, by these online course's student can adjust their schedule, because they do not need to travel at any places for studying.

Convenience: These online education methods are very convenient method of studying, because the tutors are giving every kind of support to the children they need and that too in their comfort zone, while sitting at their own homes. It means students can choose the environment which best and comfortable for them to study.

Accessibility: These online courses are not restricted or like they don't have any kind of bound they are open for all means the students who want gain more knowledge or enhance his/her learning skills can join online tutoring anytime they are free or they are willing too. All thanks to the broader reach of the digital system that the online courses are available for every age group and that too without any restriction. All they need is proper internet connection, laptop or mobile.

Improve competitive courage: When you are taking online tutoring, it means you can interact in personal with the tutor too, and you can study in the environment that you are comfortable with no-one around, so there is not any kind of distraction or demotivation you can get from anyone, by studying in the way you want will increase you learning productivity and help to boost your courage of competing with the others more.

Tutor options: In real or we can say live sessions, you are bounded with only one or two tutors which are specialized in the subject you have chosen. But this is also one benefit of online tutoring that in online you have so many options of tutor of the subject you have to do. So, you can choose your tutor by his/her qualification or from which you understand the concept.

Cost: There difference in the cost efficiency of the online tutoring and offline tutor is very much. The offline tutor cost much more than the online tutoring and offline is also that much comfortable as online tutoring is. Offline tutors charge high fees for studying, whereas there are infinite courses available online with different fee structure and some are free too. So, if fee structure is the problem, then you can go for online tutor which will be comfortable, and increase your skills too.

So, these all are the benefits of the online tutoring one can experience. Everyone now days is switching to digital study because the future generation will be fully digital. So, be prepared  with the use of new technology and be aware too. There is no excuse that future learning will be more powerful, convenient, and competitive and many more you can think of. So, use your free time learning new things via online platform and increase your own ability of learning.

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