Know Everything about Food Wars TV Show - Season 06 Released Date and Storyline

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Food Wars TV Show

Food Wars TV Show

Food Wars TV Show:-

Food Wars Season 6 expected release date updates: As the name says the series is based on food making and becoming greatest chef in the world. This animated series originate from Japan Tokyo and very popular from first season to fifth season. The show is also holds rating of 8.1/10 on IMDB and 8.19/10 on myAnime list for animated version. The last season was launched in September 2020 and after that fans are waiting to know when the sixth season will come, since it has been 2 years till now there is no new information float from the makers about coming of the next season. Is this is the end of the show let's find out below.

Food wars:  season 6 is still not possible: this series is based on the book written by the Yuto and shun saeki manga series. At the time of writing the manga had sold 20 million copies of the animated series and become the highest rated series in the list of animated adaption and also make a place in MAL's top 100 most popular shows.

According to reports the food wars is one of the best animated TV shows watched in Japan. As we look into the past season 4 and season 5 was also very popular with the average rating of 7.33 out of 10 which means the series go quite well. The series storyline started from the main Annie character Souma's. In the series at starting he did not know making any of the dishes but sooner he learn to make dishes and become the best chef in his field. There are more than 1.3 million people in the MAL group of Souma's. Many youth as well kids are very happy watching the animated food series.

As the success of the series all season was good so might be possible to renewed the sixth season of the show but as the conclusion of the last season left nothing  open to be carry forward in next season which is a good sign to believe that there will be now new season came after this. Although there is nothing new to be present by the makers in the show.

According to our analysis it is sad to be said those who interested in watching the animated series will have to stop as there will be no new season coming of food wars. The series will not have sixth season. But still animated series is full of surprises never knows when the people will get new surprise about the series.

Why food wars season 6 canceled:  this question is asked by the fans that why next episodes are not make by the makers why they decided to shut the show? The show which has good rating as well as giving good earning to the makers, why they want to shut an popular show?  Many people have different answer of the question why the food wars got cancelled after sixth season as there is no authentic answer given by the makers of the show. But as per reports the food wars got canceled due to a lack of supply of material.

At the end of season 5 the lead actor Manga was act to give the final curve to the cooking, as a result there is nothing new content to be made by the makers so they have cancel the series and remaining part of season will go air in between April and September 2020. Manga on conclusion give the project and without supplier material, the animated adaptation would not earn as much as the producers require. As a result the series is closed by the creator of the food wars.

The overall storyline of food wars: The story is based on the Soma a high school student at a culinary institute which is very famous institution in Japan, only few students got admission in school. Soma is a full time chef in his father's restaurant and then the twist came in show Joichiro is offers a new job to Soma to travel the world around him by choosing this job he has to close his business but there is romantic relationship between Soma and Erina. Both are studied in same class and take participate in projects given of preparing food items. Once in the series both of them a task is given by the teacher to pass the exam, they both need to open a restaurant at beach and making money by selling food. They both worked hard together and open beach prepare delicious food and sell the food to the people. They both pass the exam with good marks.

Although at the end of season 5 conclusion is not given as the final episode but still the show is shut now.

Where to watch food wars: The first season can be watch on Netflix as well HiDive and next seasons can be seen in Crunchy roll and visual media and Netflix.

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