Bling Empire Reality TV Show - Know Everything about Season 02 Released Date, Cast and Plotline!

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Bling Empire - Reality TV Show

Bling Empire - Reality TV Show

Bling Empire - Reality TV Show

This is an American reality show based on lifestyle of wealthy people. The first season of the show was launched on Netflix in January 15, 2021. This show is about rich and wealthy people who are living in East Asians of United States. These people are models; singer, actors and entrepnurer all are coming from different backgrounds. All are very rich and famous. On the show the main cast is the real people who play their roles. In the show Kardashian- Jenner clan become more popular in fans. As fans need to know how the rich people live in the society and what are their likes dislikes all are seen in the season 1.

The series got an average rating of 6.25/10 on rotten tomatoes with an approval rating of 100% based on 7 ratings.

Netflix Bling Empire Season 2 Expected release Date, cast and plot and official trailer:   

Netflix Bling Empire season 2 expected release date:  The first season has been started filming in 2019 and was released in 2021 so we can expect that the second season will be take as much time as first season takes but the viewers are waiting to  watch the season 2. As they need not to wait more to watch the second season as makers has announced that they will renew the season 2 of the show and they are filming the season 2.

So happily to announced that this time the filming will not take more time to be released and Netflix has announced that they are releasing the season 2 on May 13, 2022, also they have announced that season 2 will include two new cast in the show name is Dorothy Wang and Mimi Morris.

Expected storyline for Bling Empire? 

The first season of Bling Empire talks about real life of the rich and Healthy Asian American people. In first season the more about the glamour and fashion sense can be seen of the cast. How the fashion is status symbol for wealthy people is shown. Further in season 1 relationship between members can be seen like Andrew Grey and Kelly are in serious relationship in the show. While Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee also in a relationship when Cherie propose lee in a friend's private party and soon their love story can be seen in the series. The competition between Anna Shay and Christine chiu will entertain with their drama in the season 2.  As describe earlier there is new characters also join in season 2.

 Bling Empire Season 2 expected cast:  Season 2 of Bling Empire expected to have all the cast which are in season 1 and also new members will also join the show and bring more entertainment in the show. Although many have the doubt that Filipina actress come singer Heart will not be joining the next season due to undisclosed reasons. Good news is that there are two casts are joining the season 2 name Mimi Morris and Dorothy Wang.

Following is the list of main Characters to be in Bling Empire season 2:

1. Kevin Taejin as Male model

2. Kane Lim as Real state devilment

3. Christine Chiu as Philanthropist

4. Gabriel Chiu as plastic surgeon

5. Kelly Mi Li as Self made Entrepreneur

6. Anna Shay as Part Russia

7. Cherie Chan as former Singer

8. Jessey Lee as Furniture business

9. Andrew Gray as Kelly's boyfriend

10. Guy tang as hair dresser

How many episodes are there in season 2: As the first season have eight episodes and each episode is of forty minutes. So we can make a guess that season 2 will also have eight episodes and may be more.

Where can be watch season 2 of Bling Empire:  The first season of the series is watched on Netflix right now. So the season 2 will also be watched on Netflix as well.

Bling Empire Season 2 trailer update: 

Happy to announce that the Bling Empire shows season 2 has been released by the makers officially on Netflix. At first sight the trailer of season 2 it can be said that it looks as amazing and entertaining as the first season was. After watching the trailer few episodes of seasons shows the new relationship and new connection between the cast.

To start with the trailer it is completely true to the name of fame and style and wealth all can be seen. There are many ways to live life luxury and with comfort it vary from person to person how they choose to live with like fast cars and expensive dresses. From fan perspective they can be see more inner life style of their favorites cast in the season 2.

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