Get to Know about Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce) Season 04 Release Date and Cast & StoryLine?

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Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce)

Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce)

Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce) TV Series

This is a South Korean show that premiered on TV Chosun on 2021. The series also can be watched on Netflix which helps to reach worldwide viewers. Three seasons have already launched of the series and become very popular. The first season aired from January 23 to march 14, 2021. The second season was run from June 12 to August 8, 2021. The show is telecasted every Saturday and Sunday at 21.00 KST.

Now the fans are waiting to know is there any new season of the show is coming or not. At below we are findings when the fourth season of show is coming or not? The series is a story about three successful working women. They all are worked in a radio show where they find the twists and troubles having in happy marriages and later all that happens in their life will disturbs them and their work also. They find out if the marriage failed and divorce will happen what will be the impact on people's life.

Love Ft. Marriage And Divorce season 4 expected release date:

Renewed of fourth season of Love Ft Marriage and divorce.

The staff of the series has confirmed earlier that the third season of the show is coming soon. So the season first episode was live on February 26, 2022. As the time is peak of pandemic covid, which affect the shooting of the further episodes. The main lead actor of the series name Kan Shin-Yo was catches with covid-19. He found positive on March, 2022. Also another lead actress of the series name Song was found too covid-19 positive. They both are taking treatment. So the shooting of fourth season is on hold. Once all the cast safe and healthy only then the shooting will be continue.           

The Story love ft and marriage              season 3 is still in the filming but it is very popular among the viewers. The show is having 9.1 acceptance rating by many websites nation side. Still there is no confirmation word is given by the makers about launching the shows season 4. Many people saying that the season 3 is the final season of the show but there will be possibility that the fourth season will be coming.


Love ft marriage and divorce Third Season Recap:

 The story is about three families living in the same city. They all are couple and are in good relations with each other. In the season 3 the drama of family is shown also the love chemistry is beautifully seen in the series. One actor name Pi-young Develops feeling for a man Named Dong -Ma. The homosexual love relation is also shown. Ban's Seo begins romancing Si-Eun. The ending of season 3 is quite confusing and boring, Dong ma as he looks up, a ceiling collapses and hit his head, he was admitted to the hospital for treatment, on the other side Seo ban having a wedding with Song. After that Hye returns from the hospital, she saw a girl child, when no one able to watch. The girl child told that she will take a old man from the family. Finally Dong ma wakes up in hospital and asks Grim reapers who they are?

The expected cast of love Ft marriage and divorce:  The cast of previous season is expected to be casting again in season 4. But there will be possibility that some changes in casting may happens. Here is the list of people who are in the season 4 of the show.

1. Park Joo as SA Pi- Young

  2. Ji Young As Shin Yu-Shin

3. Song Ji as A-Mi

4. Park Seo as Shin Ji -A

5. Lee Hye as Kim -Dong

6. Jeon Soo as Lee Si-Eun

7. Jeon Hye - Won As Park Hyang-KI

8. Lee Ga As Boo Hye

Where to watch Love Ft. marriage and divorce: 

This is a South Korean TV shows which is being watched in TV Chosun for locals. Also for people worldwide can be watch the season and its all episode on Netflix.

Expected Trailer of Love Ft and marriage and divorce:  As there is no officially announcement is coming from the makers about the season 4. So unfortunately there is no new trailer is available to be watch.  You can check the trailer available of season 3.

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