Know the importance of SAT Exam? Your SAT scores can reveal how well you will perform in college?

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Importance of SAT Exam

Importance of SAT Exam

Your SAT scores can reveal how well you will perform in college:

Many students after completing their high school, planned to study in foreign universities. To apply for foreign college they need to give SAT exam and score good mark.

What is SAT?

The SAT is a standardized test which is generally used for getting admission in the United States colleges. This test first started in 1926 to attract international students to come in UN and study here. The main purpose of taking this test is to give admission to undergraduate students in colleges and universities. In 2021 nearly 1.5 million high school pass out students give SAT exam.

The reason for taking SAT is to check the writing, speaking and mathematics skill of a student.

Why SAT is important for admission?

Those students who are willing to get admission in Unites states colleges for graduation courses after completing their high school, they will have to give SAT exam and also score good marks to get top colleges. Most of colleges and universities in Unites states give admission on students SAT score, high scorer students also gets scholarship money from schools and colleges.

Types of SAT:

SAT exam is conducted by College Board of UN. There are two types of SAT exam taken by board to check the abilities of students. SAT 1 and SAT 2.

1. SAT 1 exam:

SAT 1 is given by the students seeking admission in undergraduate schools. And they will give general test which includes written, verbal and mathematically skills.

2. SAT 2 exam:

On the other hand SAT 2 exams are given by the students who want to get admission in a particular course. The exam format is also changed from SAT 1; the questions are more subjective than the objective. The students will have to define their knowledge in that particular subject.

Covid effects on SAT exam:

As we know that due to pandemic covid -19, every country and their citizen suffers allot. Most of the loss suffered by the students, their school, colleges everything shut down. Due to covid-19 students who are willing to give SAT exam, they have to wait for giving test after registration. There is nothing confirmed about the test centers. Now in 2022 the SAT exam is conducted with its full capacity.  

What is SAT score and how SAT high score helps in performance in college?

The Sat score is the total number received in writing and speaking section.

Each section of SAT scored between 200 to 800 points.

The average SAT score set in 2019 was 1050; students who get more than the average score will get admission in good colleges. Scorer students of 1400 will be in top 10 lists and below average scorer not getting good colleges.

What is the connection between a high scorer in SAT and then their performance in college? Those who score well in SAT also perform well in their college later.

Recently the College Board has conducted a research on both high scores students and their performance in colleges. The findings of research are positive and those students who score above average in SAT exam, after getting admission in top schools and colleges they perform very well.

With the SAT test score, ability of students can be judge well; good score means good writing skills and verbal skills.

Few findings of research:

1. Nearly 3 million students give the SAT exam in a year from 180 nations all over world.

2. The score of SAT exam is accepted by more than 4000 universities including Unites states.

3. In India, SAT exam taken online from coming year 2023, in this year the SAT is in paper pencil mode.

4. A research conducted by university of California, they find out that high score SAT and later college performance of students is a reliable source to predict their future grades in college.

5.     As per another study, they found out the college grades are the only way to know the students ability, SAT is only a test which cannot predict their future activities.

Students can compare SAT score with their high school points and estimate their future performance in college. International students performance judged by the SAT score. Many studies have proofed their strong connection between high scorer students and their performance in college.

Those students who score above average SAT score, their first year of college score will also above average. They do well in their studies and gets good mark.

At last, we can say it is quite difficult to say whether SAT score is a true source of finding a student's college performance. Many times good scores also get down when they started their college. But yes of course these are exception. In general student with high SAT score will definitely do well in college.

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