TOEFl iBT Trends - Know Some Benefits to Enroll with TOEFL iBT while registering for GRE?

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Benefits to Enroll with TOEFL iBT while registering for GRE

Benefits to Enroll with TOEFL iBT while registering for GRE

Know Some Benefits to Enroll with TOEFL iBT while registering for GRE

Students dream to study in foreign universities, but getting admission in top universities of world is not an easy task. Students must be well prepared for giving test and they need to get good score in entrance exams such as GRE and TOEFL iBT so that they can take admission in top universities. Recent announcement by education testing services allow the TOEFL iBT aspirants to save up to 25% on registration cost.

Before we further discuss about this cost saving aspects lets discuss or try to understand about the both the exams such as TOEFL and GRE which are required to study in foreign universities.

Here its given what is benefit to give TOEFL iBT and GRE together, how can you save exam cost while enrolling for GRE alongside with TOEFL iBT. Similar exams that can give you benefit of saving exam cost. 

What is TOEFL(Test of English as Foreign Language) exam?

TOEFL iBT is used to assess the person ability to understand the english at university level. Every year more than 35 million students/people appeared in this exam. Where they have been assessed for their understanding for english language which includes listening, reading, speaking and writing abilities. It is accepted by more than 11500 universities and institution spread over in 160 countries. Students can appear for this exam either at assigned exam centers or at their home.

In short students can appear in this exam by three ways:

01 Online at assigned exam centers

02 Online at home

03 Offline at assigned exam centers

TOEFL includes four sections i.e Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and for each section you will get the marks between 0-30.

In reading section, three to four passage from university level text book provided. Which student must read and answer the questions. Three types of questions are asked: MCQ( Multiple choice question), questions where student insert the sentence at the proper spot in paragraph and the last one where they need to sort the information in chart or summary table.

In listening section students are given four to six recording to listen followed by set of questions.  Recording are similar to the daily routine conversation that happen in daily academic life. Questions will be MCQ, sorting the event/process , require to match the objects or text  to categories provided in the chart .

In speaking section, The first two task are independent speaking task where student speak about his own ideas, experience or opinion. In rest four task, two task are integrated task where students required to read and listen then speak and in other two task students are listen the content and then speak.

In writing sections, students are given two task: Integrated writing and independent writing . In integrated writing students need to hear a short recording and read a short passage and in 20 minutes they have to summarize the response in 150-255 words.

For independent writing, students are assigned a topic where they have to give their opinion in 30 minutes and their response should not be less than 300 words. Writing should be cleared and opinion should be supported by the examples.

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What is GRE exam?

Graduate record examination (GRE) is recognized globally as standardized test conducted by ETS. GRE is conducted to assess the technical knowledge related to the specific discipline like mathematics, Biology etc. GRE is available on six fields i.e Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, English literature, Physics ,Psychology. Where student get the chance to showcase their skill to the chosen specific discipline. GRE can be given at assigned exam center or at home too. Only difference is that exam given at home are monitored by human proctor.

Marks scored in this test are globally recognized by foreign universities for their post graduate, Ph.D and other professional programmes. Through GRE exam, students can apply for universities in U.S, U.K., Canada, Germany and many other countries. Indian students were the highest in 2021 that's appeared in GRE exam.

Due to recent announcement by Education Testing services (ETS) TOEFl aspirants now can save more than 48 USD, which it cost to them around 10300 INR only.

This announcement by ETS make the combo of TOEFL iBT and GRE  exams are less expensive than other comparable exams such as GMAT and IELTS .It makes TOEFL and GRE 30%  cheaper than GMAT and IELTS. This is roughly $122 cheaper than GMAT and IELTS.

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TOEFl iBT Trends and impact of new pricing:

If we go through the data of previous 6-7 years across several categories such as student level, test use, country or region etc which reveals the some interesting data and facts like during 2016 to 2020 the overall marks or score of the students appeared in the exams secure more marks every year when comparing to the year vis a vis. They are doing fairly well in four sections - reading, writing, listening and speaking. Their average score increase from 93 in 2016 to 96 in 2020.

Hence saving along with convenient options (online or offline) help them to plan their education journey. When it comes to the U.S. universities , TOEFL  iBT test is accepted by 100%  of U.S. based universities.

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Another fact about this exam is that U.S. universities received more TOEFL scores than all other english language test .

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