How to boost your immunity? - Increase Your Immunity by Healthy Ways

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How to boost your immunity

How to boost your immunity

How to boost your immunity?

How to increase your immunity:  Immune system plays a vital role in our life. It helps us to fight against the diseases, viruses and microorganism but sometimes it fails and makes you ill. But by choosing the right diet, lifestyle and practicing yoga/meditation we can boost our immune system.

5 ways to boost your immune system

How we can boost our immune system: An idea of boosting the immune system looks lucrative but it is not simple as it looks. What is immune system? As its name suggest it's a collective functioning of whole body system instead of a single entity. There is lots of things which yet to discover by researchers about the functioning of immune system but still they are not able to established the direct co-relation  between the lifestyle and improved immune system.

But it doesn't mean we should not consider the impact of lifestyle on immune system. Researchers are studying the effect of age, diet, exercise, stress and others factors on immune system of animals and human being.

Healthy ways to improve your immune system: Following the good diet and exercise is the first step towards keeping your immune system works properly. Every body part of your body ,including immune system works properly when we choose the healthy living which includes

Don't Smoke (includes both active and passive smoking)

Include fruits and vegetable in your diet

Regular exercise

Maintain the ideal or healthy weight

If you drink then drink moderately

Sound Sleep

Maintain Hygiene

Avoid stress

Vaccination: Vaccination helps the immune system to protect against the infections.

Increase immunity by healthy ways

Now days many companies claim that their products boost the immunity. But the concept of boosting the immunity is scientific. In fact it is not always good to boost the no of cells in your body. For example in order to enhance the performance of any athlete, they are doped by blood doping (pumping blood in body to increase the blood cells) which can be caused of stroke.

Immune system of human being is so complex. There are so many cells in the immune system which react in so many different ways .Attempt to boost the any individual cell can be a cause of concerns.       

Even the scientist don't know how they react and how will they respond in case of any dope. Only thing that the researchers knows that body keep generating the immune cells. No one knows that how many cells or combinations of cells required to work collectively to get the optimum level of immune system.

Immune System and Age

As we age, exposure towards the infections and disease increase due to decrease in efficiency of immune system. Many studies say that elder people are more likely affected to the infectious disease like Covid 19, Influenza, Saars than young people. No one can surely say why this happen. Some researchers are interested to know that whether bone marrow becomes less efficient with age in order to produce the cells, which are responsible to increase the cell of immunity system.

Studies of influenza vaccine shows that it is more effective on children as compare to the people of age more than 65 years but despite the lower efficiency, the rate of sickness and death rate are much lower in older people as compared to the older people who are not vaccinated.

Researcher finds direct relationship between nutrition and immunity in older people. Older people tend to eat less in diet and less variety as well. Hence they get less nutrition which can be a cause of decrease in efficiency of immunity system.

Diet and immune system

Researchers come to this conclusion that people who lives in poverty are more tend towards malnourishment, which make them more vulnerable towards the infectious diseases.

Improve immunity with herbs and supplement

Whether it's a super market shelves or news paper ads you will always find the immunity booster products around you but there is no evidence that they actually boost up our immunity and protected us against the diseases and infections. Even the scientist doesn't know that any herb or supplement helps to increase the level of antibodies in the blood can actually do anything beneficial to our overall immunity system.

Stress and Immune function

Scientists are actively studying relationship between stress and immune function, modern science has found a relationship between mind and body. An emotional stress can be a cause of stomach upset, heart diseases and hives.

Stress is subjective hence it's difficult to define, a condition may be appear stressful for one person where as it may not be a stressful condition for other person. Scientist can't measure the stress, they can only measure the outcome from stress like heart beat during the stress.

Despite to the many hurdles scientists are making process in order to measure the relationship between stress and immunity.

Cold VS immune system

Moderate cold temperature doesn't increase your exposure to infection. Winter is a season of cold and Flu. People spend more time in indoors during winters which is a cause to contact more people who can pass their germs. Also the influenza virus remains airborne for a long time due to cold and less humid air. So there is no need to worry about moderate cold exposure.

Exercise: Good or bad for immunity

Regular exercise can improve your cardiovascular heath, lower blood pressure, controlled body weight, and protect against various diseases and infection. It's Just like a healthy diet, exercise also contribute to getting the good health and therefore to a healthy Immune system.

5 Important ways to boost your immune system:-

What immune system helps or protect, it protects your body from harmful bacteria and viruses that may cause of illnesses. How to boost your immune system and how it can help you stay healthy year-round, make the following practices your part of life or your normal routine.

  1. Eat whole foods. You've likely heard it before: Food is like a medicine. Your immune system relies on nutrient-dense whole foods to function well. Get started by cutting back on sugar, which suppresses the immune system, and eating more fruits and vegetables.
  2. Get plenty of sleep. One of the best way which you can do for your immune system is to prioritize sleep, full rest and aiming for at least seven hours every night. Your body complete resets & restores itself when you're snoozing.
  3. Avoid smoking. If you are habitual of smoking, your should consider taking steps to quit or cut back it back. Smoking can harm or alter the balance of your immune system.
  4. Excercise. Exercise will help you to boost your immune system. However, if you're already feeling under the weather, be careful not to overtrain. Draining yourself when you're already sick can weaken your immune system.
  5. Supplements:-  There are required too many nutrition to our body and a person requires to take supplements, fruits and healthy food to fulfil   these supplements. 

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