Genocide has been perpetrated in Myanmar against the Rohingya Population

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"Genocide has been perpetrated in Myanmar against the Rohingya Population" 

Rohingya's cry was hardly listened to initially. The denial to listen was seen. The report on Rohingya's killing did not prompt the international court of justice. From the point of international criminal law, the act of killing mercilessly was a genocide which the world ignored and Rohingya denied. After a long time, the cry was heard, and the evidence of killing and raping was brought to the fore. The major institution of the world gave judgment on the killing and atrocities that have shaken the very core of the heart of the world. The international community's silence and the encouragement to the military from the SuuKyi have aggravated the situation more intensely. From the point, of international criminal law, the event that had shaken the world is found to be genocide and can affect the community in the future. The forced migration of the people is also a serious crime or a crime against humanity as is indicated in article 1 of the International Criminal Law. The act of merciless killing in the process of ethnic cleansing and further support from the leader of human rights have affected the situation badly.

Recognised Myanmar military's genocide against Rohingya Muslims

Genocide is considered to be the most heinous crime in international law. The recent event that occurred in Rohingya has terrified the people of the world as the government of Rohingya forced the people of Rohingya to migrate to somewhere. The noble prize winner of SuuKyu, the Prime Minister of the country remained silent on the heinous crime.  A large number of  Rohingya people. The people of Rohingya have to migrate when the military of Myanmar attempted ethnic cleansing. The Burmese security forces indulged in mass killing, widespread arson, and sexual violence that amount to the crime against humanity. The civilian officials and military denied repeatedly that security forces carried out any such operations. It was a claim which has contradicted by the witness account and extensive evidence.  It is found that Rohingya are found to face the repressions and discrimination for a long time under the successive governments of Burma. The government and officials' cob tradition is the avoidance of the claims of Rohingya. It was the major genocide committed by any government in recent times as it had forced millions of people to migrate to Bangladesh. They are found to have devoid of the health care and movement facility.

Rohingya genocide is an ongoing series of prosecutions carried on by the government of Myanmar unofficially. The genocide is found to have happened in two phases. the first genocide began in October 2016 to January 2017. The second genocide began in August 2017. Most of the people migrated or fled to India, Thailand, Malaysia, and Bangladesh. Since the Vietnam War, it was the largest exodus. Even the United Nations criticizes the military action taken by the Rohingya military and considered it the crime against humanity. The other such organizations like the U.S. Department of States, Amnesty International abhorred the act committed by the military of Rohingya. Aung San SuuKyi was bitterly criticized for her lack of ability to take stern action to prevent the crime committed by the military in her ruling states. From the survey conducted from the Rohingya Refugee in the Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh, they revealed that that 24,000 people and victims of other forms of violence included more than 18,000 people. It is found that 116,000 women were beaten up mercilessly and more than 36000 were set ablaze. According to the report of the United States, 700,000 people have to fly from Rohingya. In the year 2017, the journalists covering the state of Rakhine and military state4 were beaten and imprisoned.

As per the Washington Post, The United States top court order the prevention of killing of Rohingya Muslim and impose energy to stop the killing. The court also ordered to stop destroying the evidence of genocide as the court could manage to find the proof of genocide with the focus of the government to arrange food and protection for the minority. A separate case was filed in the International Criminal court against the genocide committed by the military of Burma. According to the Crime against humanity law, indiscriminate killing and torture of a large number of people is a kind of serious crimes against humanity. The president of the International Criminal Court opined that Rohingya Muslims are staying in a very unfavorable condition. They are found to be in an extremely vulnerable state. The president of the court announced mandating Myanmar to take all measures doe preventing acts of genocide against Rohingya Muslim involving rape, killing, and destruction of land and villages of the group. Myanmar was also directed to allow the court to access to the evidence of genocide and report the progress within four months. The rescue attempt of SuuKyi has considered her fall from a leader of peace and international rights to the mass atrocities defenders. Even in November Gambia is found to have filed a lawsuit in the international court of justice and accused Burma of genocide committed against RohingyaMuslims. It was a violation of the convention made in 1948. The International Court of Justice is obliged to settle the case between the two countries. in the case, the International Court of Justice considered the Rohingya Muslim to be the vulnerable group and said that they need to be provided protection. The mass killing of the people and a serious crime against humanity could hardly be prevented at the initial state by The United Nations Security Council. The inaction and silence of the UNSC did not prevent the international from strongly to control the damage. The ICC's Pre-Trail Chamber provided a green signal to examine further into the atrocities committed by the military of Rohingya. The HRC of the United Nations took action by placing the team to involve in the fact-finding investigation into the crisis of Rohingya. The HRC has formulated an agency and endow it with the power to collect the evidence and preserve it for the court for future prosecution.

The people of Rohingya are found to be a de facto stateless people who reside in the Rakhine state situated in Western Myanmar. They are under systematic oppression including the imposition of hindrances on their movement, development, and subsistence. They were denied citizenship. The escalation began when the military operation in ethnic cleansing began by the military team. The unbearable condition of the people of Rohingya made them people of Rakhine state to transfer from one Rohingya to Bangladesh. it is found that there is a human right violation on a colossal scale. More than 10,000 civilians were killed. With the pressure from the internal court of Justice, the people of Rohingya were not ready to accept the repartition offer from the Myanmar. The United States High commissioners believed that despite the agreement between Bangladesh and Myanmar, the condition in Rohingya is not conducive for the refugee. Despite the repartition process, the repartition has not taken place. UNHRC announced that the military general of Myanmar needs to be tried for genocide. On 23 January 2020, Myanmar received a direct order from the International Court of justice to stop genocide violence against the people of Rohingya for preserving evidence of attack in the past. The United Nations considered the Rohingya community to be the least wanted. They were also called 'the most prosecuted community'. The right to higher education and the right to move freely was denied to the people of Rohingya. The people of Rohingya were denied citizenship since 1982 at the time of Burmese nationality law. 

It has been found that the killing of Rohingya is preplanned and act committed intentionally. It is found to have involved the killing of the masses. The ruthless and brutal killing and forcing the people to leave the place at a very large scale is an act of genocide and crime against humanity as it is found in the International Criminal Law. Many states in the world have forced Burma to stop killing the people and start to call back the fled Rohingya. It has been proved from the international concern that the act committed by the military and civilian officials is full of genocide and it can hardly be denied despite SuuKiy's unfavorable description regarding the people of Rohingya. It is found to be a serious crime and an act of killing people in a large quantity. The terrified community is still in shock as they are still unable to return despite the world community's focus on the atrocities they have received. One more serious crime committed by the militarily of Burma that they continue to attempt to bury the evidence to hide it from the future investigation.

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