Do you want to know some important Tips to study abroad on a budget?

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Important Tips to study abroad on a budget

Important Tips to study abroad on a budget

Some Important Tips and effective ways to study abroad on a budget

Every parent has dream that they will send their kids for study in abroad. But everyone is not lucky to have enough money so that they can study in aboard. Although parents work hard since their kids are teenager, they invest money in various scheme but today education in own country is out of budget and sending your child for higher education in abroad countries like USA, UK, Australia, and CANADA, etc will be most expensive things for a middle class family.  

Many international students struggle with financial problems while they have plan to study in abroad, some of them take student loan and some may be planning to go abroad in scholarship program offered by university. The money will start saving the time they got selected in hope that saving will help them in abroad. Are these option are enough for them to save money the answer is no. with these small savings of course money can be save but for studying in abroad will not be helpful. 

I am not saying that people having budget issue will not be able to send their child for higher education to abroad, of course they can and they will if they will follow the ways to manage the budget of expenses in abroad.

The other available option are already known by the international students like taking students loan, scholarships and other courses with less fee, save money on accommodation and other daily expenses will also help international students staying in USA for two or four yeas

 The best way to study abroad on budget is to adopt these other ways to studying in USA for four years of your graduation, where staying in your home country you can also do your graduation in USA. Don't just let your dream unfulfilled if you have budget issue, try to adopt these options and make change in your life. 

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1.Study in USA for short time period:

Many universities in USA or in abroad offered students to studying for short time period, which means they can study in abroad for one semester or more and then get back to their home country and continue their course from there

. They need not to come back again for studying. A year is well enough to understand education system and teaching techniques. However notes and other material will be provided to them and also fee is less compared to regular students.

2.  Apply for J visas:

In this process the student can apply to USA University as an exchange student. Which means the USA university allows the students to study in their college for a year and they have to pay the fee only as much as their home country university. The student's home country university will be doing tie up with the USA University and then those students who are intelligent and willing to go in abroad but have budget issue then this type of studies offered to them. For going to USA they need to take J visa rather than F visa which is applicable for four years. In this option the fee paid by the students is as much as they pay for their college in home country.

3. Enroll in program offered by home country:

This is one of best option available for students having budget issue. Many universities in your home country offered various courses and programs in abroad. Students can enroll themselves and take advantage of student in abroad the expenses and fee all are paid by the home university. The students need to give a test conducted by the college and pass that test as well.

Many university in your country will have tie ups with foreign universities and your university will decide on the basis of student performance the program offered to the students. The program duration will be a year or more than that it depends. Your home university will bear the expenses of your program in abroad and you only need money for daily expenses. This will not be a big burden on you.

4. First complete your education:

In this option the student have to first complete their graduation or degree in home country and then they can enroll themselves in abroad as doing exchange work. Although in this option students are not actually studying in USA, they have already completed their graduation but still they have chance as volunteer to go USA and work. Maybe later they can further study while working.

5. Work as part time:-  There are many part time jobs available in foreign countries which allows within student visa. A student has to follow these jobs along with study so that living expenses can be afforded by students.  

So these are some of alternative option available for international students on low budget. We are again saying this that to adopt any of the alternative option is depending on the student and their choice. Whichever option they will feel suitable for them then they can consult with their family and may e they can take help of outsider as a consultation.

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