Are you Planning to Study Abroad? Know Facts and What makes Scotland an attractive study destination?

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What makes Scotland an attractive study destination?

What makes Scotland an attractive study destination?

What makes Scotland an attractive study destination?

Many students dream to study in foreign country, they want to get admission in top university to get best future opportunities. The most popular countries which attract students globally are USA, UK, Australia and Scotland. However many students are not aware of good universities in Scotland, which offers many courses to international students.

Few facts and research: Study in Scotland

In Scotland nearly 60000 international students studied who came from over 180 countries.

If we can talk about the students satisfaction then as per research conducted on the international students about their experience of studying in Scotland, over 90% students gave positive response.

According to a study on students about post study work experience in Scotland, they have confirmed that after completing their education from Scotland universities they have learned confidence to work well.

In this article we will help international students in applying Scotland universities and also explained why Scotland is an attractive destination for study.

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Why studying in Scotland?

Scotland education system is very attractive for international students for its degree programs and courses. If we talk about universities then there are 14 top universities in Scotland which provides higher education to international students, such as university of St Andrews, University of Glasgow and university of Edinburg. These universities will give high rate of satisfaction to students in terms of education and post study employment. There is no harm in saying that Scotland provides best education facility in UK.

Universities in Scotland provide excellence in study and each university is associated with intensive research. This means that students are taught in an open environment', where they can learn practically. For example many inventions and innovations have come from Scotland universities such as MRI  scanner and devolvement of keyhole surgery.

Scotland is nearly 90 minutes far away from Paris. So it is easily accessible to international airport and one of the good locations to visit in European countries.


We have read about the education system in Scotland and now we can say that students who are studying in Scotland are satisfy with their studies and have enough confidence to work after studies. Scotland universities prepare students with proper career guide.

As UK government announced in 2021, that both local and international students are free to find suitable jobs for themselves within 2 years of completing their education in Scotland. International students after completing their courses from Scotland within 1 year got appointed in nearby countries like London and Paris and even in Scotland.

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Tuitions Fees in Scotland:

Scotland is perfect mix of top universities with good environment, beautiful cities and vast history that attracts international students to study in Scotland. The most important things which a student looking in foreign universities is their fee structure. If we talk about tuition fees in Scotland it is varies for graduate and post graduate students.

1. Foreign students outside EU will pay tuition fees at both undergraduate and post graduate level and change as per university selected.

2. Undergraduate students who want top study in Scotland will have to pay tuitions fee by the student awards agency.

3. Post graduate students will pay their fee at the rate set by the institutions individually.

Scholarship and funding:

Scotland universities also offered many scholarships and funding to help international students in their studies. The process of giving scholarship depends on universities.

Below we are describing scholarships offered by the universities of Scotland to internationals students.

Commonwealth scholarship: This scholarship is offered to the citizen of commonwealth countries from all over world like India. Students from India can apply for this scholarship.

Chevening scholarships: This scholarship is offered by UK government and applicable to all post graduate students, full time and part time.

Fulbright awards: This scholarship is offered to the students of USA who come to Scotland for studying post graduate course.

Royal society scholarship: This scholarship is given to the students who are studying science programs in Scotland. With this scholarship students collect the fund raised by their science project and utilize them in their fee and other expenses.

Saltire scholarships: This scholarship is offered to all students coming from USA, India, Canada and china for any course or program for 1 year time duration.

Living in Scotland:

Scotland is a beautiful country for living as well not expensive for foreign students. The life in Scotland is rich and amazing with historical places, museums and gardens will entertain international students. In Scotland there are seven beautiful cities for living students like Edinburg, Glasgow, Dundee and striling, Aberdeen, Inverness and Perth.

The country real beauty hidden in mountains. The living cost is not so high, easy transportation with variety of food helps students living here.

Here we can say with all our experience that studying in Scotland will be a life changing experience for foreign students. The multiple benefits and Reasons to Study in Scotland are explained in this article for study in Scotland.

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