The Handmaid's Tale TV Series - Need to Know The Handmaid's Tale Season 05 Release Date, Cast?

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The Handmaid

The Handmaid's Tale TV Series

The Handmaid's Tale TV Series

The handmaid is an American television series. The series is created by Bruce Miller. The story of show is based on a novel written by Canadian author in 1980. The series is very popular among viewers and the popularity can be calculated on the basis of awards the show is winning. The series has won 21 Emmy nominations in 2021. The story starts with a happy family of June Osborn. She was married to Luke and she has a daughter Hannah. One day June was arrested by upper class people commander Waterford and his wife Serena joy. She was forced to become handmaid of them and forced to live with them. Her husband escaped into Canada with fear and her daughter was forcefully given to other high class people for raise. Later the story turned into a new era of change, where June was trying to free as a handmaid and even she helps other handmaid's to be free. At last June want to unite with her daughter and husband again. The four seasons of handmaid's Tale has already been out and very much liked by the fan, now they are waiting to know when the season 5 of the series will be released?

The Handmaid Tale season 5 Expected release date, cast and everything you need to know so far:

The handmaid's tale Season 5 expected release date updates:

Put your hands up as we have good news for you that before premiering of fourth season in 2020 the cast of series has announced that the fifth season of the show will be live soon. No need to wait more. Now the season 4 has completed all the episodes. So the excitement on fans for watching season 5 and get to know that what will happen to June and other handmaid's are high now. They are waiting to know the date when the fifth season will released.

According to reports of publisher, the shooting of season 5 will anticipated starting in March, 2022 And if all goes well then the season 5 will launched by December 2022 or may be in first trimester of 2023. Here we are assuming the dates for releasing the season 5, as there is no officially announcement is done by the makers regarding launching season 5.

However the show is scheduled to be restart shooting in Canada. Where previous episodes shooting has been done.

The expected cast in season 5 of handmaid's tale:

The season will be incomplete without returning back lead actress June. So we will definitely expect her to be back in season 5. In supporting characters Fienners will make a surprise entry for his role of Commander Fred.  According to reports Hollywood actress Christine will also join season 5 for role of Lily.

There are other characters to be expected to return for season 5 is as below.

Elisabeth as June

Yvonne as Serena joy

Alexis as Emily

Madeline as Janine

Ann Dowd as aunt Lydia

O-T As Luke

Max as Nick

Samira as Moira

Bradley as Commander Lawrence

Sam as Mark tuello

McKenna as Keyes

The expected plotline for Season 5 of handmaid's Tale:

In season four June has made a deal with commander Lawrence and Commander Fred for releasing 22 women and resistance fighters from jailed in Gilead. After that Waterford was transferred into No Man's land, on the way of that he was hunted and beaten to death by June, Emily and other former handmaid's.

Later Waterford made a speech which will help in plotting the season 5 stories. He said that the death of characters Waterford in the season 4 was the huge climax and given major shock to the viewers and will put the major effects in season 5. He added that Waterford's wife Serena is also seeing pregnant in end. Now will see what will happen in season 5 with June and other handmaid's.

According to Strahovski, she said her excitement was high when she read first time the conclusion of season 4 in a live interview. She added that the previous season final truly satisfying the handmaid's name.

Where to watch the handmaid's Tale season 5 and also previous seasons:

The expected season 5 also the previous season of handmaid's can be watched on HuLu Television. People can start watching all previous episodes they all are streaming there. Adding to that the previous seasons of the Handmaid's Tale are also available On ITunes and Amazon prime.

The expected trailer of the handmaid's season 5:

Unfortunately there is no officially announcement is made by the makers regarding the season 5 renewed. We regret to inform that as of now we don't have any new trailer for handmaid's season 5. People who yet to watch the season 4 trailer they can take a look on YouTube channel.

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