Suggesting various educational and inspirational Hollywood movies for kids you mush watch!

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Best Seven Educational Movies For Students

Best Seven Educational Movies For Students

Best Seven Educational Movies For Students:

Every parent concerns about their kids what are they are watching in Television. They try harder to push their ward for watching good content only. Parents focus more on that their kids will learn beneficial content in the movies. The educational movies are meant to be teaching kids in an entertainment ways also the kids enjoying watching movies. If the child want to spend lots of time in day time by watching television, it is important for them that they will learn something at the end of the day.  If you want to learn something new but don't want to be bore so the educational movies are the best option in that field.  At below we are suggesting various educational and inspirational movies for kids. The list of movies contains history, Psychology etc. The below movies will leave the positive impact on the kids who are in their high school in 2022 and even they can watched the educational movies with their teachers in the school. There  is no harm watching good content in Television all the time, rather than wasting time on cartoon and others.

The educational movies are the best option for kids in TV and those who are not in school and want to move from movies to series than at present Netflix is the name for them. Netflix has content for every age group but it should be better for college student to watch their type series.

1. The pursuit of happiness (2006)

   This movie is a story of person name Chris Gardner and his journey from poor to becoming the top most rich person. He had faced many challenges but he manages to solve all the personal problems with his wife and he wants to raise his child in a better world. His child name is Christopher Junior. The main agenda of this movie is to teach kids that never give up in life even having so many difficulties. The movie will surely teach kids to use their potential as much as they can and work hard until to get success. The music of movie will add more entertainment in watching.


2. The imitation Game (2014)

     This type of movie will attracts kids group who love computer science related thriller story. The movie tells the story of World War 2 victory with help of famous crypto analyst Alan Turing. He is so intelligent in reading Nazi codes and details during war and also he understands every detail which will helps in winning the war. The movie will teach kids how to use their quality in work.

3. Searching for Bobby Fisher (1993)

     This movie is a biography of a chess player name Josh Waitzkin.  Josh is studying in school when he was found out that he can play chess and even wins over adult people. The idea behind making this movie is to teach kids how they will use their skills and win global success, also it help kids to become genius. The movie will also attracts every child who playing sports.

4.  It's a wonderful life ( 1946)

This is a friction movie directed by Frank Capra. In the movie the main characters was trying to end his life before charismas but he talks to a imaginary angel and she stops him. She motivated him a lot not even he want to live but also he want to do something big in his life. He started to help community and finds out lot of things to do in his life. His life now has a vision to achieve.

5. When we were kings (1996)

This is documentary movie about Muhammad Ali and his fight with George Foreman. The fight was happened in 1974. The actor survives a lot to win the championship and finally his hard work helps him in winning the championship. The movie has won best documentary feature in 1996.

The movie will attract sport loving kids and teach them a good lesson of hard work and dedication.

6.  The theory of everything (2014)

This movie is based on book name "travelling to infinity" of Stephan Hawking which was written by his first wife name Jane. The story of movie tells how a person fights with illness and how does family supports you in your difficult time. In movie Jane loves his husband Stephan even in his disease she supports him and helps him in making success in science and education. The movie will teach kids love, relationship, family values.

7.  Enron: The Smartest Guys in the room (2005)

This is a documentary movie which will teach kids how to choose career option as per your interest and also your quality. The movie is about the collapsing Enron Company and how did the company fall and who was responsible behind this. The movie includes criminal trials and also entertaining.

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