Researchers have reported Hypertension to be the highest cause of mortality rate globally!

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Researchers have reported Hypertension to be the highest cause of mortality rate globally.

Definition of hypertension in numerical values

Hypertension or high blood pressure is the systolic: 140 mm hg or diastolic 90 mm hg or higher expressed numerically (Carretero & Oparil, 2000).

How does the age affect criteria for hypertension?

High blood pressure increases with increase in age. The vascular system of old people changes and becomes inflexible, resulting to high blood pressure. Scholars and researchers associated hypertension with structural changes with arteries as one gets older and the large arteries become inflexible, leading to cardiovascular risks. This later turns to high blood pressure (Qizilbashs et al., 2002).

Differentiate between essential and secondary hypertension

 Essential (primary) hypertension is the blood pressure that does not a known specific secondary cause, while secondary hypertension is the blood pressures that have specific secondary causes. Secondary forms of hypertension such as hyperaldosteronism accounts for the lower percentage compared to primary hypertension (Takahashi et al., 2012)

Conditions that might cause secondary hypertension

 The prevalence and the most cause of the secondary hypertension are by age factor. In children, the narrowing and confinement of the blood by the narrow aorta and renal parenchyma disease is the major cause, while in adults is hypothyroidism and arteriosclerosis (Perera et al. 2012)

Predisposing factors for hypertension modifiable and non modifiable

we can group Risk factor for hypertension into either modifiable or non-modifiable. Modifiable means one can take measures to control them while non modifiable means you cannot control them. For instance, non-modifiable factor for hypertension is age. Age cannot be reversed. Modifiable risk factors such as tobacco smoking are avoidable, hence the name modifiable risk factors.

Why is hypertension referred as a silent killer?

 Hypertension amounts to almost 30% of the death rate because of diseases in American. We know the disease as a silent killer because it mostly has no symptom until it has done significant damage. They should always carry blood pressure measurement out to detect and control the same if detected early (Appel et, al 2005)

We should practice lifestyle behavior changes  in the treatment of hypertension

Many people suffering from hypertension can curb it by practicing lifestyles changes. Avoiding risk factors such as smoking, taking as few as 30-40 minutes daily  for physical fitness eating health food with less sodium and avoid taking alcohol are some few lifestyle changes one can perform to control and treat the  hypertension (Parati et al.,2008).

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