Importance of health information technology in our clinical setting to improve patient safety and quality services

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Health Information Technology

Health information technology (HIT) is the usage of information processing in healthcare that helps in dealing with the different software, decision-making, and storage and retrieval of the data. Health information technology helps in improving the quality of care, expanding access to treatment at a reasonable rate, preventing medical error, reducing paperwork, decreasing the costs of healthcare, and enhancing administrative efficiencies (Gardner et al., 2019). HIT also helps in the identification of infectious illness, evaluating the care provided in the hospitals and clinics, and tracking the improvements in the chronic illness. The different types of technologies used in the healthcare sectors are electronic medical records (EMR), bar-coding at medical dispensing (BARD), clinical decision support (CDS), computerized physician order entry (COPE), automated dispensing medicines (ADM), and so on. The technology also holds some limitations, such as lack of guidelines, wrong dose errors, and others that are needed to be identified by the professionals. 

Importance of health information technology in our clinical setting to improve patient safety and quality services

Information technology is one of the most advanced technologies that can connect several databases and interfaces with people and provide necessary information to them (Alam, 2021). Information technology not only helps in providing necessary information to patients and health care members but also provides online transaction facilities to make the treatment process faster. Online websites, journals, social media, and sites are a few of the important parts of information technology that can help the organization to develop its strategy and provide training to the nurses. With the improvement of globalization and information and technology, the hospitals have also been trying to improve and modify infrastructure to adopt this technology. 

Importance of scholarly websites

In many cases, nurses are appointed on an emergency basis, and the hospitals can hardly provide proper training and documents regarding their work in the organization. Due to lack of training and information, nurses can often make mistakes that can impact the impression and professionalism. In this case, they need well-documented prospectus, articles, and journals from where they can gain knowledge about their operation. Google Scholar is one of the most famous and well-designed online search engines that contains numerous articles, journals, and research papers written by famous authors worldwide (Martín-Martín, Orduna-Malea, Thelwall & López-Cózar, 2018). The research papers and journals can provide necessary knowledge and techniques for the nurse that is required for them in a hospital to carry out their duties with discipline. 

Google Scholar is a smart engine where the user can set the range of time of Publication (Martín-Martín, Orduna-Malea, Thelwall & López-Cózar, 2018). The users can also search journals and articles by their names, time, peer review numbers, and authors. This interface can also provide interactive contents that can improve innovative skills and develop innovative ideas for the nurses. The readers can also find important statistics, data, and organizational charts that can help to develop the perception and understand the environment of the healthcare sector. It also helps in self-learning. The user can also search by typing the keywords in the search engine. This is also one of the simplest interfaces where the users can find several journals related to their topics. The users can also download the field for further information. Hence, informational technology provides an ample opportunity for the nurse to learn from the online sites and develop the skills to provide better facilities to the patients.

Importance of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention websites (CDC)

CDC or Centres for Disease Control and Prevention is a national public health agency in the United States (CDC, 2021). It is a federal agency that comes under the Health and Human service. The main work of this organization is in clinical practices and human health-related improvements worldwide. It also publishes journals regarding the health crisis and medicines that are significantly important for society. It publishes health-related guidelines and scientific improvement in the medical area. It also published guidelines regarding covid-19, and its protocols to stop these guidelines can also help the medical sectors for improving their skills in order to provide better services and treatment to the patients (Probst,  Lee & Bazzoli, 2020). The responses from CDC help the Healthcare organizations in improving their structure and maintaining the guidelines. Hence the role of the CDC is critically important in maintaining the safety of patients and improving the clinical settings. 

Importance of Lancet and other online libraries

Online libraries are the platforms where different books, journals, and research papers are stored with proper Publication dates. Online libraries can also provide e-books to the learners that can help the learner to improve their conceptions and develop proper ideas about the topic (Medina Serrano, Papakyriakopoulos & Hegelich, 2020). Online libraries also contain research data that can help in scientific research as well as medical practices to improve the knowledge in solving critical issues in the organization. 

In the medical sector, the online libraries can provide necessary case studies for the nurses and other healthcare staff members to understand the situation of the healthcare organization and provide necessary data that can develop the concept. This also helps in the decision-making process and deal with the risk factors that can impact the operational capabilities of the nurses.

The Lancet is a famous Peer-reviewed Medical Journal published weekly (About, 2021).  It is one of the oldest forms of medical journals available on the internet. The Lancet was founded in 1823 by Thomas Wakely, who was an English surgeon. The word length refers to a surgical instrument used for medical purposes in the Health Organization. Hence, the name is properly justified. It can help doctors and nurses to know about recent diseases, clinical threats, and scientific innovations in the field of medicine and surgery. The doctors can also take the help of this website in prescribing medicines to the patients. Besides providing medical information, this journal also highlights the required medical practices and ethics that should be followed by the medical organizations and healthcare members. Patients’ safety concerns are also an important topic that this journal discusses. Hence, this plays an important role in improving the medical structure.

Role of the electronic learning platform

The role of the electronic learning platform and social media can also play a great role in improving patient safety and clinical settings (Vermeer, Araujo, Bernritter & van Noort, 2019). Facebook, YouTube, Google reviews and Google meet some of the most important and interactive electronic platforms from where the patients and healthcare staff members can get the necessary information. YouTube is a digital platform where the creators and other organizations can publish their videos regarding tutorial introduction description and related to other aspects. There are many tutorials and introduction videos on YouTube that can help nurses in developing organizational practices. The videos can help a novice learn and develop skills easily. It also helps different creators to express the findings and share them with the community through a video. It also helps to highlight other significance related to different aspects of the medical sector.

Facebook is a social media platform where anyone can write blogs and represent their opinion on different aspects (Wu et al., 2019). It can also help the organization to connect with patients. It can also be used as a platform for receiving feedback from patients. This can improve Patient Safety and organizational skills that are required to maintain the dignity of an organization. It can be accessed with a mobile phone, computer, and tablet. The healthcare organization can also reach different people through this social media platform. It also helps to spread awareness in the society and maintains Patient Safety improving organizational skills and behavior. Nurses and other organizational members can also interact with patients through social media platforms and solve their queries. It can also enable the organization to provide admission links, addresses, and locations through the interface of this platform.


Despite having several scopes of learning and developing skills from the online platforms and journals, there is also a need to improve the infrastructure of the hospitals so that these technologies can be accessed easily by the healthcare staff and other members. With the emergence of modern facilities and technology,  it is also important to develop and modify the infrastructure to cope up with the situational change within the organization. Information Technology can also be used for providing necessary training, online classes, online laboratory facilities, and conducting medical examinations. This can also improve the clinical settings and can encourage newcomers to perform better in the workplace (Glasgow, & Estabrooks, 2018). 

Hospitals can use information technology in keeping the records of the patients, medicine, health conditions of patients, availability of beds, Intensive Care units, oxygen cylinders, available doctors and nurses. This can also help in the transaction facilities to maintain social distance in the organization during covid 19 (Andreadakis et al. 2020). It may also help in reducing threats and concerns for the patients and their families. The operations of the management can also be modified using Information Technology and artificial intelligence. It can also be used in managing queues, downloading invoices, and prescribing medicines to the patient. 

Learning skills provide a better opportunity for a person to develop their skills and knowledge by learning different things from the situation, personal experience, book, online journals, online platforms, and social media. In the Healthcare organization, it plays a great role in improving the clinical setting and decision-making abilities of nurses. Google Scholar and the Lancet are some of the most important online platforms and journals that can help nurses in improving their abilities and learning skills to provide necessary treatments to the patients in the organization. Hence, autonomous learning also has an important contribution in developing the skills of nurses. 

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