Incredible Tourist Places to Visit in Jaipur - Top Attractions of Jaipur & a Complete Tourist's Guide!

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Best Places To Visit In Jaipur - Jaipur(Pink City) Tourism

Best Places To Visit In Jaipur - Jaipur(Pink City) Tourism

Top Attractions & Best Places To Visit In Jaipur - Jaipur Pink City Tourism

No trip of india can be completed without the journey of Jaipur. Jaipur is also known as pink city of India . It is one of the city of golden triangle, a popular tourist circuit of india. Jaipur city is mixture of various cultures, history, arts with architectural gems.

The tourist who visit Jaipur for long duration may have enjoy the international kite festival in January and elephant festival in august.

Be ready to make the trip to "The Paris of India" with our guide to the top rated places to visit in Jaipur.

1. City place-

City place situated at old city of Jaipur, covered with huge walls, fairy tale structure which is still home of modern-day royal family. City place is build around a series of landscaped garden courtyard with a view of Lake Place and jaipur. The place is a nice example of rajasthani and muglai culture.

Members of royal family still reside there in Chandra Mahal, which is consist of seven floors and a doomed rooftops. To visit the Chandra Mahal you need to booked the private tour.

The other places include in city place are Mubarak Mahal(Welcome Palace), which displays dazzling costumes, textile of the Rajasthani royal families . Pritam niwas chowk (Peacock Courtyard) whose doors painted like feathers of its namesake bird. The next is Diwan-i-am(Hall of public audience) which showcase collection of miniature painting.

Tourist can also visit friends of the museum bazaar. Which are placed near by the City Palace.

2. Jantar Mantar-

At first view Jantar Mantar looked like bunch of large sculptures. It look like like a art gallery but it's a collection of tools to measure the heavens before 300 years ago started by the Jai Singh II.

UNESCO has declared it world heritage site. Each sculptures of Jantar Mantar serves different purpose. The massive sundial which is also known as Samrat Yantra which is 27 meters tall, it shows a huge shadow that measure the time down to two seconds.

 The other tools at Jantar mantar can track stars and predict eclipses.

 3. Hawa Mahal - It was built in 1799 for ladies of royal families. So that they can watch the festivals on the street without seen by public. 953 windows of this monument allow plenty of air through it. Narrow hallways and colorful glasswork in windows and doorways make this monument more colorful.

4. Amber Fort- UNESCO world heritage site Amber fort was built in 1592 and sandstone and marble were used in the construction of the most visited fort of India. Fort is divided into four sections and each sections has garden in its courtyard. There are some underground tunnels in the fort which you cannot be noticed from above, some of the tunnels has been restored.

5. Albert Hall Museum-Albert Hall is the oldest museum of Rajasthan. It has wide collections of art and history significant item and sculptures. Egyptian Mummy, Antique coins , miniature painting and 18th century costumes are the part of their collection. Multicolor light brighten this heritage building in the night.

6. Birla Temple- A hindu temple pays tribute to Goddess Lakshmi and God Vishnu. The white marble used in the construction of this temple. You feel the positive vibes when you enter the premises of the temple.

7. Nahargarh Fort- Nahargarh Fort which also known as Tiger fort was constructed 300 year ago at the top of aravalli hills to save the jaipur against the enemies attack.

Apart from this, It contains Madhavendra Bhawan , a summer place destination for royal family of Jaipur. Corridors full of wall painting connect the queen suits to the king's suit.

You can also explore the wax museum and sculpture park of Nahargarh fort and if you feel hungry during your visit the Padav restaurants where you can fulfill your craving while having the view of the whole Jaipur.

8. Galta Ji - Being desert state, Rajasthan has very limited source of water to quinch the thirst of rajasthani people and when the people get the natural source of water in the mountain of arvalli hills . They honored it and built the temple of Galta Ji. Its nestled between cliffs with modest fountains. Due to the presence of langurs it is also knows as Monkey Temple.

9. Jal Mahal- A palace float atop of Man Sagar Lake. Four stories of this property submerged in a water. Which give this kind of feeling that only one level is up on the water. In night it light up all its glory and gives the reflection of glowing golden on the water.

10. Markets- Jaipur is full of souvenirs whether is jewellery of precious gem stones , embroidered textiles, blue potteries , handicraft or rajasthani puppets.  

Government run shops sell high quality handicraft and other items , where price are fixed which helps you to avoid the headache of the bargaining.

11. Amrapali Museum : Amrapali jewels is known for their antique collection of jewellery .It has more than 4000 piece collections which showcase the wide range of Indian craftsmanship.

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