TOP Attractions and Best Places to Visit in Udaipur - Udaipur Tourism - A Complete Tourist's Guide!

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Udaipur Tourism - Best Places to Visit in Udaipur

Udaipur Tourism - Best Places to Visit in Udaipur

Top Attraction and Best Palace to Visit in Udaipur

Udaipur - A The City of Lake - A Complete Udaipur Tourist's  Guide

Udaipur was founded by the Maharana udai Singh II in 1553 as the new capital of mewar kingdom, it is located around the water lakes and hemmed by the arvali  hills. The most attractive tourism place of Udaipur is Lake Place which located in middle of Pichola Lake. It is also home of Jaisamand Lake, which claims to be the 2nd largest man made sweet water lake in Asia. Udaipur is also known for his royal attire and arts and craft. Due to the availability of various lakes and lush green aravally valleys Udaipur is also known as "Venice of East".

In Udaipur various places must have to visit. Some places are explained below.

Attraction & places to visit and explore in Udaipur - Udaipur Tourism

1. Udaipur cipratap (Moti Magari) Memorial Place

Statue of Maharani Pratap on his loyal horse chetak stands at moti magri with overlooking view of Fateh Sagar Lake. People climb up to the hill and pay their tribute to Maharana Pratap and his faithful horse/companion chetak. In the battle of haldighati, chetak carrying his master to safely from battlefield by sacrifice its life. He stood to his master till his last breath. 

 2. Lake Palace

Lake Palace was built on the island near to Jagmandir in Lake Pichola. The palace wall made of black and white marbles with semi precious stone. It has beautiful gardens, fountains, terraces and columns line in courtyards. Lake Palace was originally called Jagniwas and used to be used as summer palace now this palace has been converted in a hotel and picked by famous celebrity for destination marriage.

3. Jag Mandir

This palace was built in 1652 on island on the Lake Pichola. It was also known as "The Garden Palace". This palace was used for hosting parties and enjoying summer season. Emperor Shah Jaha was given shelter here when he rebelled his father.

The Palace had an impact of Shah Jahan.

4. Monsoon Palace

This Palace was built in 19Th century on top Bansdara hills, located outside Udaipur. It was used as hunting lodge .Maharaja Sajjan Singh wants to make it an astronomical center but this plan was cancelled due to the demise of Maharaja Sajjan Singh. Beautiful view of the Udaipur city and nearby areas can be enjoyed from there.

5. Ahar Museum

Ahar Museum has rare collection of earthen pottery. A 10th century metal figure of Buddha is the matter of attraction there. You can see the sculptures which has an influence of Mughal and Mewar.

6. Jagdish Temple

It's an blend of Indo Aryan architecture, It was built in 1651 and become Udaipur most famous temple This temple was constructed by Maharana Jagat Singh I and it is dedicated to lord Vishnu.

7. Fateh Sagar Lake

This lake is in north of Lake Pichola and bordered by hills and woodlands. This lake is artificial and connected by Lake Pichola by a canal. This beautiful lake is also has Udaipur solar observatory'

8. Lake Pichola

This lake name placed after name of a village picholi. Jagniwas and Jagmandir palace house in this lake only. While having the boat ride around the lake gives a breathtaking view of the lake and city palace.

9. Saheliyon Ki Bari

This garden was built by Maharana Sangram Singh II for women. This garden is known to be a very popular picnic spot in Udaipur. This garden has small museum along with several attractions like marble elephants, fountains, kiosk and lotus pool.

10. Gulab Bagh and Zoo

Gulab bagh (Sajjan Niwas) is the largest garden in the Udaipur. It is spread over 100 acres, the garden has numerous species of garden on behalf of this it was given a name of Gulab Bagh.

11. Sukhadia circle

It consist of a small pond which houses a 21 foot tall, three tiered marble fountain. This fountain decorated with carved motif, it looks more beautiful in night because of lighting. The fountain is surrounded by the gardens which attract the tourist.

12. Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal

This is dedicated to the folk arts, culture, songs and festival of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Besides the folk culture, it also has a museum that showcase the various Rajasthani culture.

13. Bagore Ki Haveli

This haveli is located at Gangaur ghat, which was built in 18th century by prime minister of mewar. This massive palace has 100 rooms.  The palace rooms designed by mirrors and glass which give it's a classical haveli style.

14. Shilpgram

This is rural arts and crafts complex, located 07 km far away from Udaipur. Spread over 70 acres, describing the living and lifestyle of tribal and folk people in west zone.

15. Udai Sagar Lake

Udai sagar lake is result of dam built on the river to supply adequate water to the Maharana Udai Singh kingdom. It is consider to be one of the lake situated around five lake of Udaipur. Udai sagar lake is 4 kms in length, 2.5 kilometers in width and about 9 meters at its deep.

16. Doodh Talai lake

The way to the pichola lake also has another popular destination, doodh talai lake. The lake is settled between small hillocks which also attract tourist.

17. Jaisamnad lake

This lake is also known as 2nd largest man-made sweet water lake in asia, locals says that the lake was made to halt the water of Ruparel river.

18. Gulab Bagh

This Mahal was laid out in 1900 century. It is known for staying Maharishi Dayaand. Staying at Gualb garh of Maharishi dayanand completed his best noval SatyarthPrakash.

19. Wax museum

This museum is the ultimate entertainment experience for all age group. The museum has been designed to deliver an interactive experience through wax effigy. The wax museum also offers 9 D cinema , gaming zone, mirror image and horror show.

20. Udaipur fish Aquarium

This fish aquarium is located at fateh sagar pal, and marked India's first hi-tech virtual fish aquarium.

It has 156 varieties of sea fish and fresh water fish. The aquarium gives a touch feel to kids play with fish along with led screen to get more about fishes.

21. Vintage Car Collection

Various vintage car displayed and participated, which is owned by the maharaja.

22. Sajjangarh biological park

In this park tourist can see wild and domestic animals moving around in their natural behavior.

23. Rishabhdeo ji

This is one of 24 tiraths of Jain community . It is an important center for jains and hindus.

 24. Gogunda

Gogunda was declared as capital of Mewar after Maharana Udai singh left the chittorgarh. It is located in the mid of aravali hills and 2751 feet above the sea levels.

25. Jagat

10 The century temple of  godess Amika Mata  is also known as Khujraoo of Rajasthan

26 Pratap Gaurav Kendra

It is dedicated to the Maharana Pratap , it is spread over in 25 Bigha land . Highlight of this Kendra are 57 ft Maharana Pratap statue , 3D presentation of Haldhighati war light and sound show.

27. Menar

It is a village known for a house of different species of migratory birds during the winter season.

These birds arre hosted by two talab which is located in menar village name Brahm talab and Dand Talab.

28. Shastra Bahu Temple

Located 22 km from Udaipur, Its name means "One with million arms", which is one of the form of Vishnu. It is known for exquisite sculpture.

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