Essential Skills Every Teenager Should Master before Heading to College or to Study Abroad !

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Essential Skills Every Teenager Should Master

Essential Skills Every Teenager Should Master

Here explained Essential Life Skills for Teens to Learn and know five most life skills your teenager should master before heading to college. These skills are helpful when Teenagers go to study abroad and it's also useful while they choose career outside native place. Every Teenager should master in these essential life skills to perform better in their pathway. Know Life Skills Teens Should Learn Before Leaving Home.

Five Essential Skills Every Teenager Should Master

One should start learning as early as possible. No matter how many heights you achieve you must have some basic skills incorporated in you in order to be successful and live a happy life.

Some of them Essential Skills are discussed below:


Building a cooking portfolio improves decision-making, interpersonal communication, and self-awareness. Everyone benefits when teenagers can make unique, creative contributions to the home. This makes them self sufficient. At home our mothers are there to cook food for us. But when we go far away from our home it becomes difficult for the teenagers to accomplish their daily eating habits if they do not know how to cook. In order to achieve this, start it early at your own house. Our mothers cook the entire food of whole day. At the very beginning, watch how the things can be cooked. After that start practicing it. It can only make you perfect. Cook a thing or two daily at one time of eating bet it breakfast, lunch, dinner or even snacks time. This will help you learn basic cooking skills. If you cannot retain the recipes or method to cook either buy a cookbook or make your own diary where you will note every aspect related to that specific dish: from quantity of the ingredients to how it can be cooked.

Money management or budgeting skills

The findings of a survey related to financial literacy suggest that participants from 26 different nations showed that young individuals between the ages of 18 and 29 have lowest levels of financial literacy. Young individuals need to make important financial decisions long before the age of 30, which is a challenge for them at that time and many even fail to do so in a effective way. Strong life skills in money management pave the way for financial security. Start teaching kids about personal finance at a young age. Introduce the basics of debt, investment, charitable giving, and budgeting to them. Before deciding to take out a large school loan, teach children about managing their debt. This makes sure they are aware of the financial commitment they are making and how it will affect their lives. Teach the kids through example. The youngster will be able to realize that earning money requires effort. Watch how their balance improves as you teach them important life skills like determination and hard effort. Learn the value of sharing.

Develop a positive relationship with money. Before they encounter debt, teach young children how to manage it. You can ask them to make a separate savings account. They can use it to save money from gifts or any additional money earned through household tasks. Teach your children the boundaries between needs and desires, as well as the significance of giving necessities preference over their wants.

Cleanliness and hygienic practices

One of the principles of hygiene is cleanliness. Teach your kids how to keep their belongings and their environment organized. They use it as a component of their grooming and housekeeping techniques. Some fundamental actions that a teenager must know are: vacuuming and dusting,

Cleaning the floors, cleaning the bathrooms and toilets, cleaning the kitchen, routine waste removal, removing clutter every so often, having the ability to wash dishes by hand because not all homes have dishwashers. These are very essential tips to be followed. Some children feel it as a act of shaming. But do not take it in that way. This is just a part of your personal grooming. However big you might become you must have these skills because everywhere you can not have helpers aiding you in this process.

Behavioural skills

An individual's behaviour reveals their character. By encouraging them to adopt healthy behaviours, you may help your child establish a strong personality. Few basic things to be taught at an early age to your children are:

  • One of the most important lessons you can provide your kid is how to accept responsibility for their actions, confess mistakes, and accept the consequences.
  • Most teens struggle with making apologies. Teach them to apologize without feeling guilty about it.
  • Teach children to be courteous and to use the words "please" and "thank you" when appropriate.
  • You should impart the idea of morality to your kids at a young age. That instills in them a feeling of responsibility for others who are less fortunate and the ability to speak up for what they think is right.
  • Teach children to always be honest with both themselves and others.
  • Teach them to seek assistance when necessary. Although it's good to be independent, everyone needs assistance sometimes. Tell them it's fine to seek for advice.
  • Practice is the only method to ensure that your child learns the values of moral conduct, integrity, and character. In order to instill positive behavioural patterns in their children, parents should lead them as they develop.

Problem solving and decision making skills

Teach your kids to confront issues rather than to avoid them. Try not to solve their problems for them when your child comes to you for guidance. Instead, get their opinion on what you should be doing and assist them in thinking through their alternatives. It will help you to break their habit of being independent on you at every instance. Finding the issue is the first step in fixing a problem. Finding out precisely what is upsetting them and why it is an issue is the key.

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As soon as they identify the issue, assist them in creating a list of various alternatives they can do to fix the issue/problem. Additionally, insist on the fact that every decision they make has an impact. They will get the ability to accept responsibility for their choices in this manner.

By analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of each option and predicting the result of their choice, you may assist them in making the appropriate decisions. In order to help them make the best selections, you might also educate them to first compile a list of possible choices and then assess each one.

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