What are Disadvantages of Online Learning and How to improve it?

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Disadvantages of Online Learning and How to improve it

Disadvantages of Online Learning and How to improve it

Disadvantages of Online Learning and How to improve it

This article explains what are drawbacks and disadvantages of online learning and what is the solution to improve all these disadvantages? Online learning is one of the increasing trends of education but it has a lot of drawbacks and sometimes it becomes hurdle in studies, due to such drawbacks. We explained each disadvantages with detailed explanation and everyone has to take step to improve it which also explained in this article.

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Technical Issues [Disadvantages of Online Learning

The most common drawbacks and disadvantages of online learning are around technological issues. Audio, video, or connection problems are the biggest hindrance to an online course. In the past, it was frequently necessary for students to download and/or install time-consuming software or technologies that produced variable results. Fortunately, today's online classes may be viewed by clicking a link without any installation required. The quality of internet connections has significantly increased worldwide.

How to Improve: One cannot have a fortunate solution to this problem. The only answer is chose high quality electronic devices. Along with that you should have a proper and stable internet connection.

Screen time [Disadvantages of Online Learning

We spend an alarming amount of time in front of screens now. Sadly, online education is the cause of this issue. Screen time in excess can cause a variety of physical problems, such as headaches or bad posture. But for children who have trouble paying attention to or learning from screens, it can also be a personal problem. Particularly considering how the internet is designed to divert students with social media and entertainment that can be accessed with just a click from the reading material.

How to Improve: In order to improve it, take regular and active breaks after every hour by being away from screen. You can have a quick refreshing walk or do stretch in your room etc. whatever you like. Also you can set a timer about when to get off the screen. After taking lectures physically make notes with the help of pen and paper. This will not only reduce your screen time but will also help you practice your handwriting speed and clarity as well.

Cheating [Disadvantages of Online Learning

One of the major drawbacks of eLearning is cheating, which harms a school's/ institutions image too. Internet assessments make it simpler for students to cheat than traditional exams. They can utilize their smart-phones or notes to cheat if their teacher isn't watching them. Students also have the option of having someone else administer the test or assist them. Due to improper system, students can easily pass their courses with the help of cheating.

How to Improve: Various softwares can be used for live recording or watching which may check students' identities and even look at their desktops. Any unusual conduct will be immediately reported to the teacher. Teachers may keep an eye on their students' screens to determine whether or not they are on track by using such softwares. An example to this is Go Guardian. With the use of

this programme, teachers may keep an eye on and manage their students' tabs to ensure that they are only on the test website. For further monitoring, teachers may even ask students to turn on their video screens while completing the test.

Time management skills [Disadvantages of Online Learning

In a classroom setting, students were responsible for their actions. Since in online learning they only have to log in onto a nearby co, they find it much difficult to get out of bed or change their clothes. Lacking self-motivation, working from home might lead to distractions. Without support or motivation from professors, colleagues, and regular routines, students could struggle to meet deadlines or finish homework.

How to Improve: Keep your workspace tidy and shut off all other electronics during class. This will help students reach out of distractions. Maintaining distinct folders for each subject and sending out calendars with all of the homework assignment due dates in advance will help students stay organized and no problem will occur in respect to time management.

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Loneliness [Disadvantages of Online Learning

Students who learn in an online setting lack personal connection, which can result in mental health problems including anxious thoughts, increased stress, and negative ideas. Many people find it challenging when they don't get personal words of encouragement from professors or comments from their classmates.

How to Improve: Opt for mixed learning which combines ideas from traditional studying with online learning. For instance, lab teachers may choose to alternate their lab days such that just a few students meet there on particular days of the week. Students may feel less socially connected to their teacher and other classmates through this strategy based learning too. Teachers should ask open-ended questions to initiate discussion on particular video or even friendly discussions. Students can also come up and report or explain their beliefs and arguments. Students should also have access to an online forum where they may post queries and receive responses from their classmates.

Physical work [Disadvantages of Online Learning

Students in a school environment get some exercise during the course of the school day. Running at recess, going to their next lesson, or playing sports in gym class are examples of this activity. In addition, schools have teams for extracurricular activities including football, baseball, track, swimming, basketball, and soccer. Online students are forced to discover their own ways to acquire the necessary exercise as they lack a specialized Physical education programme. In addition to its health advantages, exercise also boosts students' confidence and reduces stress.

Students must spend a lot of time sat motionless and staring at screens while they learn online. This might impair their vision and make it difficult for them to exercise sufficiently.

How to Improve: Do 30 minutes of exercise regularly. This will not only help you improving your physical and mental health but you will be able to focus and concentrate better. You can also opt for morning walks or jogging.

Theoretical knowledge is focused more than practical concepts [Disadvantages of Online Learning

Students who learn online may miss some experiences. For instance, scientific instructors find it challenging to perform experiments outside of a physical classroom. For students to understand abstract theories, practical applications are necessary. While using visual aids to teach students is an excellent learning strategy, online learning shouldn't restrict how students are taught the material.

How to Improve: In order to solve this problem teachers must guide students to teach primary children related to their topics. Suppose students are learning about micro-organisms. Now they will get it better if they will have the potential to make primary children learn how they can prevent diseases caused by them. This will help them test their true learning which is practical in nature rather than focusing on theoretical concepts only.

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