American Horror Story season 11 Expected release date, cast everything you need to know so far

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American Horror Story Tv Series

American Horror Story Tv Series

American Horror Story Tv Series :- This is American horror series which is directed by Ryan Murphy and Brad Fulchuk. The series is telecasted by FX channel. The series nine seasons already released and now fans are waiting to know when the series 11 episode will be released. The series has received negative reviews from the fans but still the seasons are liked by the audience. The series is also FX highest-rated series for nearly a decade.

Although now even having negative reviews from the show still we expect to renew the season. This season of American horror story will air very soon. Here's everything we know about American horror story season.

American Horror Story season 11 Release date:

American Horror Story season 11 Expected release date, cast everything you need to know so far

According to reports American horror story season 11 will be expected to release in 2022. But we don't have any set date for the release as of now.  The series three seasons has been launched on FX channel but the chairman of FX Networks and FX productions announced that they will not launched 11, 12 and 13. The Disney-owned cable network has asked 20th contrary Fox Television to make the 11, 12 and 13, seasons of the American horror story.

American horror story season 11 expected plotline:

The storyline of American horror story of season 11 will take place over the course of many alternative timelines, as all the seasons have different story lines and all are based on true events of the people shared in each season the cast will changed and as per story the casting is follows. The first seasons of the show has a story of a family of California who recently moved into a haunted house and then their life changes after that. The second season name Asylum whose story follows with a patients and staff of an institution for the criminal. The third season name Coven, follows the witches who will kill all who wish destroy them. The fourth season freak show tells the struggle for survival. The fifth season has a story of hotel staff and guest scary things. The six season story focuses on haunted farmhouse. The seventh season has a story of presidential election in U.S in 2016. The eight season follows the story of students of a summer camp arrested by witches. The tenths season was a story of a group of campaigning student who found themselves arrested in an Asylum.

After above storyline of past episodes it is not able to expect what will be the storyline for further season 11. But we can be sure about that the season 11 will be as scary as previous seasons and will defiantly entertain audience.

Expected cast in American horror season 11:

The each season has different story line so according to that the cast is also varies as per the story. So we have a good news for you that you might be seen returning of actor Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe in every season. There are many characters that will not be making appearance this time around as previously announced.

The list of actors who will return for next seasons are Denis O'Hare ,Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Adina Porter, Emma Robers, Jamie Brewer and Finn Witt rock. We may have expect new faces to be introduce in season 11 is Macauern Culkin he will also asked to return from first season. The actor is very much liked in first season so he was again casted in season 11.

American horror story has a history of retuning the newcomers is certain. Even though it is not confirmed who will defiantly come but Billie Lourd, Leslie Grossman and Cody Fern will almost be on the list of casting in season 11.  However we will update you as the new information float about casting.

American horror story season 11 official trailers:

Unfortunately there is no officially announcement is made by the makers regarding renewing the season 11. So as of now we don't have any new trailer for season 11. But we know that once the trailer is launched, after a month we can expect launching of that season. Once the trailer for season 11 release after that we can expect the release date for the same. If you have not watched the season 10 trailer, it is available to watch on FX channel.

We will keep you updated with new information regarding renewing date for season 11. 

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