10 Inspirational Bollywood Movies That Children Should Watch

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10 Inspirational Bollywood Movies That Children Should Watch:

Children are very fond of watching television and if we talk about the Hindi movies then they will love to watch movies of their favorite heroes. The actors who have more fans following in kids name shahrukh khan, salman khan and Hrithik roshan and now days children are become big fan of tiger sheriff. They love his dance and marshal art fighting over television.

So here are10 inspirational movies that children would love to watch.

1. Taare Zameen par:  The movie starting with a boy name Ishan he lived in Mumbai with his brother and parents. In the movie ishan is suffering from a learning disability but no one understands him. But one day in his boarding hostel a teacher came (Aamir khan) and his life changes after meeting with the new teacher. The movie will teach kids family love, bonding with the teachers.

2.  Marry kom:  This is a biography of famous boxer name Marry kom, she wins three gold medals for India in boxing. The lead role played by former miss world Priyanka chopra. The story tells that even with so many problems in her life still she work hard and wins the medal for India. The story will definitely inspire kids for playing their favorite sport.

3. Chak de India: Again sport based movie for children. This movie is a story of a cricketer who lost his fame due to some misunderstanding but he didn't lose hope and he comes back with a vision in winning India world cup in women hickey championship. The captain role played by Shahrukh khan as Kabir khan and his acting in the movie is perfect. The movie will teach children to never lose hope in any adverse condition in their life, sooner and later they will do something in their life.

4. English Vinglish:  The movie starting with actress Shri Devi, she played the role of housewife who hardly speaks any English word but she is very good in her work. In the movie her daughter and husband always make fun of her which somewhere breaks her from inside. One day she got a chance to attend a marriage in united state of America and their she enroll her in a English speaking class and bang she learnt speaking English very good. The movie will teach children to respect your elders.

5. Chiller party: This is the movie which kids gone a love to watching. The movie is about some friends who live in a society together and in their society there is a poor boy lived who cleans their cars. He has a dog with him as a friend. Later in the movie they all become friends and then they save the dog from a crazy minister. They all raise their voice against the minister and save the dog and give to their poor boy. The movie wins the National film award for best children's film in 2011. A must watch movie for kids all age group.

6. Hawaa Hawaai:  This movie is again sports o=oriented movie. Which will show the relationship between a player and his coach? How a coach doing hard work to make the player capable for winning. The coach role is played by Saqib Saleem.

7.  Stanley ka Dabba:  The movie is about a kid who is going school; he has lots of friends there. The boy whose name is Stanley lived with his uncle and work in a hotel as waiter. Stanley is a bright student he is a good speaker of school. But a teacher sends him home for not bringing the Tiffin in the school. Later in the movie Stanley comeback to school with a big Dabba in his hand. The movie will teach kids survival of life.

8.  The blur Umbrella: The movie Starr with Pankaj Kapoor a much known actor in film industry. The movie is directed by Vishal bhardwaj. Also the movie is based on the novel.

9.  Bhootnath: This cute story of a ghost and a naughty boy will be loved by children. The movie has a ghost played by Amitabh Bachchan and a boy name banku. One day Banku come to house to live with her mother, where has finds out that their bhoot living with them. He make Bhootnath fool many times and later they both become friends. Bhootnath helps banku in his school. The movie will entertain kids with their chemistry. The movie also appreciated by audience as well critics.

10. Bhootnath returns: The first part story is based on entertainment only but in the sequel of Bhootnath returns. The story is raising a social issue and later in the movie with the help of a ghost a poor boy helps the society. The movie also gives a social message for kids.

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