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To The Lake TV Series:-

To the lake is a Russian science and fiction web television series. The series first season was launched on Premiere channel on November 2019. After a year Netflix take the series and again released the first season globally on October 8, 2020.

This series first season was based on the Novel of Russian author Yana Vagner and novel name is Vongozero and it was published in 2011.  After the first season show gets popularity and very much liked by the audience globally, the popularity can be seen with the rating as To the lake gets the 7.3 out of 10 score on IMDB and rotten tomatoes also gives 100% critics rating with 82%audience rating. Even Stephan king said once that to the lake is an awesome Russian series and must watch for everyone at least once.

The series followed the story of Residents of Moscow, who are infected with an unknown deadly virus. The main symptoms of the virus are cough and irritation in eyes and if treated not then after four days, the patients will be died. The show will tell how to survive in difficult situation and how to fight for food and life.'

 The 2020 year is a year known for pandemic covid-19, due to this the shooting of product was shut, still now the pandemic is going on, we never know when it will end. So we will expect to be release the season 2 soon, here we will explained all details which we have related to the season 2.

To the lake season 2: renewed or not everything we need so far:

To the lake season 2: Release date-

We have a good to share with all, the TricolourTV Mg Russian channel has confirmed that to the lake season 2 will renewing soon and fans are able to see more of the show soon.

The last episode of first season was launched on January 3, 2021 and Netflix take the acquire of the episode in October 2020.

As per previous episodes of first season we can expect that the season 2 of to the lake will be release somewhere in late 2022 or in early 2023.

However there is no officially announcement is made by either maker or the channel about when the second season on To the lake will release.

According to the reports, the second season shooting has been started in April 2022, but there is no information regarding when the shooting will end and show will be ready for launch.

According to IMDB, they have estimate that the first episodes of To the lake season 2 will be expected to releases in 2022.

To the lake season 2: Expected plotline:

However the season 2 will be start from where the first season was ends. The story will be going in continuation with the new season. As of now we don't have any update related to the renewing of season, so for sure we cannot say what will be the plotline for season 2.

But we can predict, what will the expected plotline for season 2 of To the lake.

At end of the last episode, we have seen all of the city people, who are infected with deadly virus, are try to keep them self alive and they also try to find the cure for the disease. Until then the infected people try to go for a safer place near to the city and trying to save their families.

We have seen Sergey, along with his new lover and his autistic son, and their neighbors, they all are left to be infected from the virus. So all of them went to an island Karelia, and hide to save themselves. They all are planning to hide in a ship and want to leave the city.

In addition to that Ira and Anna have seen solving their disputes in probably in next season. Also in the next season we can see the army will take over the city and those who break the rule of quarantine will be punished.

Hope we will see the new suspense in the coming season and will enjoy same as previous season.

Who will play in season 2 of To the lake?

So, without any officially information we cannot give the cast information surely, but we expect that the original cast will be return for season 2. Although the final cast will be confirmed only after the season 2 will release.

Krill Karo as Sergey

Maryana Spivak as Irina

Victoria as Anna

Aleksandra Robak as Lyonya

Eldar as Misha

Expected trailer for season 2 of To the lake:

Unfortunately there is no officially information has been issued by the channel related to when the season 2 trailer will release. So as of now we don't have any new trailer of To the lake.

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