Everything you need to know about Worst Roommate Ever Season 02 Released Date, Casts, Storyline!

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Worst Roommate Ever

Worst roommate is an American drama documentary which is telecasted on Netflix in 2022. The series is produced by Blumhouse Television and Netflix is providing the service of telecasting.

The worst roommate is present time very popular series and it becomes a big hit in Netflix. After watching the series people keep talking about the series everywhere. The first season of the show was released and it had five episodes I total. Every episode has different story and every story is a real story of people who participated in the documentary. Every episode is with running time of about 40 to 60 minutes.

The Worst roommate documentary receives lot of appreciation from audience, also the series is liked by critics as well. The rating site IMDB give the series 7.2 out of 10. Above 7 is a good rating which means show is very famous.

The series followed the story of people who shared their real life events. In their past life whenever they had a roommate and later that roommate becomes the Worst. Such they can be serial killer or criminal.

 After getting success of first season worldwide, now everyone had a same talk when the second season of the worst roommate will be released?

Here we will explain all details which we have related to the second season of worst roommate ever:

Worst roommate ever season 2: everything you need to know so far:

Will there be Season 2 of Worst roommate ever?

Sadly, we have not read any news anywhere which is related to the renewing of second season of worst roommate. It is quite clear that the first season of the series released recently and for announcing the renewing again, this will take time. Now Netflix is may be estimate the success rate of first season and then they make a decision of renewing of not.

As such the first season was going quite well and this documentary is now in top rated series of Netflix. The making of any series again will depend on two things, first the producer and telecast partner and second the series popularity. Since we know that the first season was very popular and back to second reason about production.

Right now Netflix is working on many documentary series based on serial killer like Catching killer and I am a killer. Both the series will be renewing by the Netflix and their filming has been started.

However for the good faith, we can hope that Netflix will also give another shot to this famous series. Very soon we can expect the news that the worst roommate is renewing. Here we can only hope for having second season soon but the final decision will be of Netflix and Production Company.

Worst roommate ever: storyline-

The first season of worst roommate had the different storyline in each episode. Since it is a documentary so it is based on the real life experiences of people. So there is no set storyline for every episode, coz the story will change as per people changes.

The first season has five episodes and out of them till four episodes there was single story with different person and previous episodes five was divided in two parts, so there will two different stories for each part.

Here we will share each episodes story in brief:

First episode name as Call me grandma. In the first episodes there is a old lady, who was very known for her kindful nature in the town. She also lent her house to homeless and week people. But later she becomes a serial killer for getting insurance money of her victims. One day a social worker read her bank statement and she gets to know that grandma save a man name Bert in the house. After Bert got missing police started searching her house and they found Bert body in her backyards along with many other dead bodies.

Second episodes story is with name of be careful of the quiet, there is a college boy name Maribel Ramos, who lived with his roommate K.C.joy in an apartment. A few days later Maribel goes missing and his family was worried about him, when a detective was hired to find Maribel, he find that the last time he was seen with his roommate Joy.   

 Third episodes named as Marathon Man, this is a story of a person name Youssef Khater, who did fraud with many people and in various countries. When his life history was checked he is also involved in murders and attacks as well.

Fourth and fifth episode named as Roommate Wanted part 1 and part 2.  This is story about a serial killer name Jamison. He first enters in the house as their roommate and later he takes the house forcefully and legally from the owner.

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