New Muslim superhero Ms Marvel - Know everything about Released Date, Ploting and Casts!

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New Muslim superhero Ms Marvel is coming to Disney+:

Ms Marvel is an upcoming American television series. The series is created by Bisha K.Ali and this time the series is written by Gerry Conway and john. Ms Marvel is a Disney+ original series and launched in Disney+ only. Ms Marvel is the seventh television series which is produced by Marvel studio. Ms Marvel is scheduled to be premiered on June 8, 2022. The series will have six episodes and expected to be end on July 13, 2022.

This series will work as set up for the movie the marvels which are expected to be released in 2023.

In the series a Muslim- Pakistani- American teenage girl name Kamala khan who is a huge fan of Avenger. Her favorite character is captain America. In the story she become a superhero as well as tries to gain her powers.

The series is looking very interesting as well quite different from other Marvel series. However this is the first time where Muslim teenage is being casted for a role of superhero.  This will add a new superhero in the superheroes world, after Kate Bishop played the role of Hailee in Hawkeye and Yelena Belova played the role of Florence in Black widow.

SO the series will be launched on Disney+ very soon. Who will be the cast and what is about the story? Here we will find out everything related to the Ms Marvel.

Ms Marvel release date:

The good news is that the Disney+ has officially announced that the MS marvel series will be released on June 8, 2022 at 8 am GMT. From now fans need not to wait more than a month to watch the series.

As per reports the filming of the Ms Marvel has already been started in November 2020. The location of filming is Atlanta and New Jersey. The final shooting will be done in May, 2021 in Thailand.

However earlier the officially release date of Ms Marvel was in 2021. Just before the release of Hawkeye-which was supposed to get released in November 2021? So both the series was getting delayed due to covid- 19 pandemic and later the Disney+ strategy.

Ms Marvel Ploting:

Ms Marvel story followed a 16 year old Pakistani American girl name Kamala khan; she is a student of a high school in New Jersey. She is an artist and a gamer and also she writes about superheroes and about their powers. Her favorite superhero character is Captain America.

Ms Marvel is a new and original series from the house of Marvel studious. MS marvel first appeared in 2013 in Marvel comics, where she can seen manipulating her body, either strench, expend, shrink and grow it.

Later in the series Kamala finally get the powers of her favorite hero Captain America. She becomes invisible from school and home. That it now she has all the powers she always wanted to have. Now her life gets better with the super powers?

Kamala gets her power from her alien Bracelet. However she needs to recharge herself after she uses her power. Being a high school student Kamala enjoys the simplicity of power she has rather than worrying about her looks, school life, boys and relationship also family drama and religion.

Ms Marvel: who will be the cast?

However there is no officially news is related to the cast of Ms Marvel. As we know so far that the main character of the Ms Marvel is played by Iman Vellani as Ms.Kamala khan or Ms Marvel. Other than her there are many characters that played the important roles as below.

Iman Vellani as Ms Marvel

Matt as Bruno Kamala's best friend

Yasmeen as Nakia Kamala's close friend

Zenobia as Muneeba khan- Kamala mother

Mohan as Yusuf khan - Kamala's father

Saagar as Aamir khan- Kamala's older brother

Rish shah as Kamran - Kamala crush of school

These are the important characters of the Ms Marvel, other than that we can seen many cast in the show, there might be new faces join the show as a guest appearance. 

Ms Marvel Expected trailer:

Luckily there is good news; the Marvel entertainment has officially launched the trailer of Ms Marvel on March 15, 2022 on YouTube channel.

The trailer at first sight gives the glimpse of Kamala life and problems and later how she gets the power from her bracelet. The trailer is also loaded with Muslim culture and religious aspects.

Generally the trailer is launched month before release. But here the trailer is launched on March and show will come on June. This will increase the excitement level of the fans and they can watch the trailer and can wait the date for release.

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