Need to Know about Expected Date for Release Resident Evil Live Action Series and Casts!

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Everything you need to know about Resident Evil live action series:

Residual evil is an action horror film series, the series based on the Japanese video game franchise of the same name Capcom.  The series is first adopted by German studio in 1998. The series is created, written and produced and mostly directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. The series is designed to have seven film series out that sixth film series already launched. After that a reboot film was made in 2021 writer and director by Johannes Roberts with the name of Resident Evil: welcome to raccoon city.

The latest film's story and characters had nothing to do with the previous six movies. In the tough box office year Resident evil still made a tremendous collection of $17 million at the American domestic platform and talking to worldwide it made around $38 million collection with the movie Welcome to raccoon city. The series was not well appreciated by the critics and also getting mix responses from audience. Rotten tomatoes gives the rating of 31% with 66% audience score but still it gets good collection and also getting fame from all over world.

However the future of residual evil series is in doubt. The latest news about this popular video game series is adapted by OTT platform Netflix. In 2021 the streaming service released the Anime movie, Resident Evil: infinite darkness and soon it will become a new live action series. The first time Netflix took the project in 2019 over three years later.

Here is we will shared everything we know so far about the Netflix upcoming Resident evil.

Expected date for release Resident evil live action series:

Luckily Netflix on their officially twitter account has announced that Netflix new series residual evil will premieres on July 14, 2022. This news will please the fans and them waiting to see the new evil live series.

Netflix in 2022, has announced that the new series will have eight episodes and each episodes will have hour long duration. Also this is confirms by the Netflix that rather than releasing each episodes every week, they will releases the complete series with all episodes at once. This strategy will hold the fans at once; they need not to wait more.

However either the resident evil will released once or weekly, the first episode will be launched Netflix in July 2021.

Expected cast of Residual evil live series:

After sharing the date for release the new series of residual evil on Netflix. Now fans are waiting to know, if the series will continue to have the same cast or there is changes in cast in the new series.

At the time the Netflix twitter account officially announced new six characters in the new series. They are as below,

Lance Riddick and Ella Balinska from Charlie's Angels

Tamara Smart from Are you afraid of the dark

Siena Agudong from F9: The fast Saga

Adeline Rudolph from chilling adventures of Sabrina

And Paola Nunez from bad boys for life.

As per further reports Riddick stars in the series as Albert Wesker who first appeared in the original game Capcom in 1996. Wesker is also seen in many resident evil film projects. There is other character who also played important role in resident evil: welcome to raccoon city is Tom Hopper. Also Riddick has worked in many television ad film products, he is famous for Cedric Daniels on HBO's the wire and Charon in John wick film series.

Yet there are many other members who are supposed to join in new series of residual evil. They are such as: Balinska, Smart, Agudong, Rudolph and Nunex.

The series IMDB pages also shared there name of below actors to be in various role.

Tatiana Gaider as Tactical weapons trainer

Lea Vivier as Susana Franco

Evan Hengst as Carl

Rizelle Januk as Billie Wesker teacher

Ahad Raza in undisclosed characters.

Expected plotline for residual evil live action series:

Netflix announced that the series is divided in two different timelines in the new raccoon city. The first timeline story follows two teenage sisters Jade and Billie Wesker with their father in the city. Later they have discovered a dark secret about their father. They get to know that their father is involved in the activity that could destroy the world.

A second storyline may take place ten years later, where less than 15 million people live in earth and billions of monsters including humans and animals infected with dangerous T- virus. In this story 30 years old Jade as she struggle to survive in new world. While her past memories with her sisters and her father secret disturbs him a lot.

Expected trailer of residual evil live action series:

The official trailer has been released by the channel and it is available on You tube.

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