New Destinations Emerge among Indian Study Abroad Aspirants post covid-19

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New Destinations Emerge among Indian Study Abroad Aspirants post covid-19:

In 2019 many Indian students happily preparing for getting admission in foreign university and even get their admission letter and visa approval as well. But in start of 2020 everyone is shocked with pandemic covid-19 and their first priority is to safe themselves from the covid.  Last year's foreign universities shut their doors for international students as travelling is not possible. Many universities offer many online courses to international students to avoid losing their hope.

Indian students are very willing to get admission in foreign students, the pandemic might have stop them to come to abroad but it doesn't stop their dream to get admission in international students. The favourable destinations for Indian students for studies are US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and now students are also moved to Europe and Asia.

As India is one of the largest sources of international students that sent more than 7 lakh students abroad as of July 2020, bringing all of them back was a major challenge with airlines cancelling their flights.

Despite all difficulties in past this was not decrease the number of Indian students enrolled themselves in foreign universities. Their excitement to studying in foreign universities doesn't effect at all after pandemic.

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Few facts about Indian students getting admission in foreign universities.

1.     The Indian students who enrolled themselves in universities of Georgia are nearly 14000 in 2022.

2.     Indian students are now also picked the universities of Italy, Poland, UAE, Switzerland, Malaysia and Singapore.

3.     In 2021, the total number of Indian students who are studying in abroad are 2, 20,000.

Why Indians are looking for newer Destinations?

World knows that Indians are very versatile in nature and they adjust in every environment of country.  Indians play very important role as international students, Indians are studied in all over world, most of the students picked USA and UK for higher education.

As an international student Indians has face many problems but they somehow manage, not every person is able to manage to get admission in top university but what if they didn't get admission. Then the students move to second option which is less popular countries for higher education.

In recent years it has been observed that many universities from different countries has become popular in Indian students. They offer many new courses and better ambiance and positive environment for studies, with minimum visa requirement Indians moved to new countries.

For example European countries are famous for their hotel management courses around world; as well Asian countries are famous for high global rakings. These countries are near to India and easy to get admission as compared to other countries.

According to reports, the number of students who are studied in foreign universities are increased from 4.5 lakh to 7.7 lakh in 2019, it is estimated that the number of students will increase 1.8 million in 2024.

Indian students happy to be back in their foreign university:

Indian students who was stuck in different country and due to pandemic they are not able to come to their home country. Many of them stuck in their home country while many are waiting for joining their university because of lock down they are not able to travel. Past two years students were not able to complete their application and they stay back in their home country and moved to other option. Now things are in right place and Indian students are started moving to applying foreign universities. 7500 Indian students are studied in Georgia till July 2021 and in March 2022 the students reached to 14000.  In Italy Indian students in 2021 was 4700 and in 2022 it reached to nearly 6000.  While Singapore has 1500 Indian students which increase to 10000 in 2022. 

Looking at these figures it can be seen that Indian students love to foreign university doesn't decrease due to pandemic. Indian students moving to foreign universities for higher education and good work opportunities and also they will get chance to explore new countries.

Almost 11 lakh Indian students are studied in all over world in different universities. After covid-19 it has been observed that Indian students are moving in different universities of world, earlier first pick of Indian students are USA, UK and Australia and now Indian started moving to other countries as well. Many countries are offering many new courses to Indian students. Easy visa application process, less cost and near to home country is the plus point for the students for opting in new countries.

However we can say that Indian students are looking for higher education in foreign countries.  Since after pandemic covid-19 it seems that Indian students are now moving to new countries for higher education and their choices for abroad has changed.

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