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Top Attractions and Places to Visit In Ajmer

Top Attractions and Places to Visit In Ajmer

20 Top Attractions and Places to Visit In Ajmer - Ajmer Tourism

1. Dargah sheriff

 Dargah Shariff is one of the most famous places in Ajmer to visit, World famous majestic tomb of sufi saint Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti is the pilgrimage center for the devotees of all faith .He was a sufi saint who devoted his life to the help of the poor.

Dargah was built in various stages, along with sliver doors frames. It is known that pots were offered by King Akbar to saint.

2. Ana Sagar Lake

Man Made lake was constructed by Maharaj Anaji between 1135 to 1155 AD. Later Mughal emperor made some modification to enhance the beauty of the lake.

Daulat Bagh garden is just near by the Anna Sagar Lake where Shan Jahah added 05 pavilions know as Baradari   among the garden and lake.

There is a beautiful island in the mid of the lake. British constructed the circuit house near the lake that can be used by them.

3. Adhai-Din Ka Jhonpura

Adhai-Din Ka Jhonpura is one of the most famous mosque and place in ajmer. It was a Sanskrit college originally but in 1198 Mohammed Gori coverted this building into a mosque by adding walls with Islamic calligraphy in front of hall. Its a perfect blend of soaring domes , pillars.

4. Akbar Palace and Museum

It was established in 1949 , located in Dil-e-Ajam garden of Ajmer. It is divided into three sections. Museum feature the  two "Yupa Pillars"(Sacrificial post).

5. Nasiyan Jain Temple

It is also known as Lal Mandir (Red Temple). It was built in 1865 and devoted to Lord Adinath. It is a two storey building, where one storey holding the idol of Lord Adinath and other is in the form of museum which includes a hall. Gold painted gallery of the museum showcase the five stage in the life of Lord Adinath. Belgium glasses and stain glasswork used in the construction of hall.

6. Victoria Jubliee Clock Tower

It was built in 19th century on the occasion of Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria. It's a blend of Indo-Islamic architectural styles . It has four balconies topped by the Islamic dome .

7. Durga Bag Garden

Located at the bank of Ana Sagar Lake. It was constructed by emperor Shiv Dan in 1868.

Baradari marble pavilions enhanced the beauty of the garden which constructed by Emperor Shah Jahan

8. Nareli Jain temple

Another Jain Mandir in the town of Ajmer, it's a blend of traditional and modern architectural style. It's a famous temple for Digambara Jains. It has 24 miniature temple which symbolize the Thirthankar's  of Jain's or 24 Jainalay.

9. Prithviraj Samarak

It's a memorial of Prithvi Raj Chauhan (Prithvi Raj III), The memorial has statue of Prithvi Raj and his horse in black stone. He was the last ruler of the Chauhan dynasty.

10. Foy Sagar Lake

Foy Sagar is an artificial lake constructed in 19th century by Mr Foy to fight the famine issue faced by Ajmer and its nearby towns. This lake host birds throughout the year which make is a must visit site for birdwatchers.

11. Mayo College

Mayo School is only day boarding school in Ajmer. It was founded by Earl of Mayo in 19th century. School has its own museum within the premises.

12. Sai Baba Temple

Sai Baba temple is the new hotspot in Ajmer. It is entirely built of marble. It is spreading over 02 acre area. Pujas conducted on every Thursday and Saturday.

13. Ajmer Government Mueseum

It was .established in 1908. It is divided into different sections like Arts craft, Industry, Archaeology and Armory. A separate gallery for children is there as well. It has collections of Indian deities, daggers, swords and Mughal painting .

14. Gateway of Taragarh Fort

It was built in 12 century AD under the rule of Chauhan dynasty. Its three big gateways Gagudi Ki Phatak are its greatest assets. It is built in Mughal architectural style.

15. Maharan Pratap Smarak

Historical Monument of last king of the Rajasthan Maharana Pratap . Every evening Light and sound show hosted by monument.

16.Buland Darwaza

It was built to celebrate the victory of Akbar over Khandesh and Ahmednagar  in 1576 . It is 176 feet tall. It is built of red sandstone and marble.This Darwaza is the southern entry of Dargah Sharif.

17. Baradari

It is built by Emperor Shah Jahan during his reign in 17th century. This is consisting of 05 pavilions and Hammam (Royal bath).It is adjacent to the Anna Sagar Lake and Daulat Bagh.

18. Savitri Temple

Savitri Temple is the only temple in the world which is dedicated to the first wife of Lord Brahma located in Pushkar. It is world famous temple.

19. Rangji Temple

Lord Rangji considered to be the incarnation of the Lord Vishnu .There are two temples of lord Rangji one is located in Hyderabad and other one in Pushkar. This temple architecture has blend of Rajput, Mughal and Dravidian.

20. Birla City Water Park

It is the modest water park in city. It has multiple swimming pool, water fall and rain rdance area. It's perfect destination of family during the weekends. 

Top Attractions and Tourism Places of Ajmer

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