Is Homework Beneficial & Necessary? Know The Pros and Cons Of Bringing School Work at Home!

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Should Students Get Homework?

Should Students Get Homework?

This article will elaborate the questions which every parent asked- is homework good or bad? Should students get homework? Is homework beneficial & necessary? Know everything about the pros and cons of bringing school homework.

Should Students Get Homework? The Pros and Cons Of Bringing School Work Home 

Giving homework to students teaches them how to solve problems. Students have yet another chance to review topics from class through homework. Parents may check on their children's progress at home by looking through their homework. Students learn how to assume responsibility for their part in the educational process through homework. But we know ell. Everything has two sides. Merits as well as demerits. Then only it can be stable. So is the process with this too.

Discussing Pros and Cons of Bringing School Work Home: 

Teaches Time Management skills: It helps to develop time management skills in the students as it forces them to complete their work on time. With practice it helps them to gain self confidence in them as they become resilient with the time span. This teaches them problem solving skills and they become independent. 

Communication ability is increased: As students get homework they get to interact in its respect with their friends, family and teachers. In these communications they also get to know each other at a good level. With this, their level of struggle can also be seen. Parents can also see excellent points of their children. 

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Time for learning: As we all know schooling time is not enough to learn all the concepts. So getting homework to do at home help the children to devote their time and learn concepts clearly. If one will not get the homework, he/she will not practice their work regularly as it is done with school homework. Hence, it also renders a person to practice on the daily basis. Many individuals also do think that one benefit of homework is that it promotes practice-based discipline. Repetition is necessary for abilities to improve, even if it may be tedious and time-consuming in comparison to other pursuits. Assignments assist students understand things better and expands their job prospects. 

Reduces screen time: As the children get busy to complete their homework for about 2-3 hours/day (at least) it shortens their time to watch screens such as cell phones, television etc. Due to the investment of time it becomes a sort of extra-curricular activity for the student and gets its place in their time schedule. 

Involve the parents: If the situation is favorable, homework can encourage parental involvement in their children's life. A parent who helps their child with homework encourages academic achievement in the child and enables the parent to monitor the child's progress in school. It may also provide an opportunity for people to engage. 

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Paves a way for the tutors: Teachers can determine whether or not students are understanding the course of study by giving them homework. Through homework, teachers may more easily identify students who want further help in particular subject areas and also those who would benefit from more assignments. This allows teachers to more easily adjust their instruction to each student's requirements. 

Boosts memory retention: One benefit of homework is that it improves focus and memory. In order to help students remember the topics covered in class, homework gives them an objective to practice it on daily basis and recalling the studied information. 

Helps explore their areas of interest: Homework encourages students to learn more about a topic that interests them. It helps them to go into in depth understanding of the topics. Students get the chance to fully involve themselves in a topic through homework. They decide to study more about something on their own desire when they feel curious.

Stress: The word "homework" is itself a stress in student's life. Children want to be free in their young age. Far away from all depressive and stress causing factors. They just want to relax and explore the world during free time; for example, riding a bicycle, reading a book, or hanging with friends and family which also provides them valuable skills that cannot be acquired when sitting at a chair. Getting enough exercise, which can improve cognitive function, might be hindered by doing such activities like schoolwork. Apart from these, still homework comes as a dreadful work in their life part. It makes children feel worried, pressured, and uninspired when the burden is excessive and the tasks get harder. As well as causing behavioral problems and sleep deprivation, this can make schoolwork a burdensome part of school life.

Makes the day hectic: One of the primary drawbacks of homework is that it renders a person busy like a full time job. Children at this age must get themselves enough spare time to celebrate and do creative things. Student's already work since they spend an average of nearly 6 hours every day in class. In addition to their regular classes, extracurricular activities that students participate in, such athletics, music, or the arts, are frequently as significant. It would be too much for youngsters to handle to add more hours to all of these demands, and it would also hinder them from having spare time for various other artistic activities. Lack of leisure and self-discovery due to homework stops students from picking up new talents outside of the classroom. 

Homework does not work in getting scores: According to a research survey it was concluded that getting homework to be completed at home creates a negative impact in the mind of children towards their school and does not impart academic success in their lives. While some children may benefit from homework to advance in a particular topic but this is not necessarily true if the student has access to other assistance than he/she will surely succeed. It can be difficult to properly complete their homework and children can still earn good scores without performing their assignments. Better grades do not always result from more study time. What matters is quality and not quantity.

Becomes mere responsibility of parents: One of the main reasons why homework is harmful is that it places a lot of responsibility on the child and their parents, which can even have the opposite impact if not understood. Many students would prefer cheating in class than completing their homework at home, and young people frequently copy work from classmates or websites.

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