The real housewives of Miami season 5- Will it be renewed? Know Everything about This reality Show!

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The real housewives of Miami TV Series

The real housewives of Miami TV Series

The real housewives of Miami TV Series

The real housewives of Miami are the seventh film of the popular real housewives franchise. The short form is said as RHOM. The series is created by Scott Dunlop on Bravo channel. The show executive director is Andy Cohen. This series came into scene when Bravo channel decided in 2009 that they are restructure the reality series of Miami social. The filming of the season 1 is competed in 2010 and then the first season of the series was premiered on February 22, 2011. The show has 14 episodes with time duration of each episode is 43 to 45 minutes.

This reality series shows the several women who lived in Miami Florida. The show provides an insider's perspective on the personal and professional lives of the extraordinary women. Watching of the show is so much fun as well as lots of drama to keep audience entertaining. The show gets the mix reaction from the audience as well as from critics but it holds the large audience for its drama content.

So if you are excited to know that after fourth season, will the series renewed for the fifth season or previous season was the final of the series.

Here we will share all details, which we have related to the season 5 of the real housewives of Miami. 

The real housewives of Miami season 5- Will it be renewed?

The real Housewives of Miami season 5: expected release date-

The previous season no. 4 of the real housewives of Miami series was premiered on December 16, 2021 on Peacock channel and ends with all episodes released on March 10, 2022.

However once Bravo channel cancelled the series after three seasons and decides to shut the show, but in November 2020, executive director name Andy Cohen promised a comeback of the series and finally the series confirms it renewed in February 2021. This news spread the happiness in the face of fans and after long wait the season 4 was launched.

However after fourth season fans are waiting to know when the season 5 will be released? As of now there is no officially is done by the channel related to the releasing of season 5, so we can say when we will see the season 5 on channel. But if we ask for a guess, then we can say that the real housewives of season 5 will expected to be released in sometime of Q4,2022 or later.

Expected cast of the real housewives of Miami season 5:

The season 4 of the real housewives has characters Alexia Echevarria, Larsa Pippen and Lisa Hochstein; they all were appeared in show in 2021. Later they are joined by new housewives Guerdy Abraira, Julia Lemigova and Nicole Martin. Adriana de Moura, she was appeared for past three seasons in the lead role.

In addition to that Kiki Barth joins the show as a new friend of the group of the housewives in the fourth series.

If the show will return for season, we would love to return these marvelous housewives in the new season. Also fans are expecting to see the cast from first three seasons to nein fifth season. Here are names of the members who expected to be joining as Lea black, Joanna Krupa, Ana Quincoces, Karen Sierra and Cristy Rice.

However black and Krupa stated that they did not wish to comeback for new season.

Storyline of the real housewives of season 5:

The season 4 shows the up and downs from starting, mainly because things between Adriana and Larsa got high. Also there is highlights happened during the season 4, Alexia's supposed to get married, but life has something else for them. Alexia's mother got ill and after being hospitalized the things go nervous during that time. The tragedy happens with Alexia which she might not forget in her life that her mother died on the same day, she supposed to get married on August 25, 2021.

So the season 4 ends with sadness in faces of all friends, they all gather to give Alexia's support. In fact we saw a bond between Marysol and Nicole at the funeral. So is their season 5 renewing, we can see the further movements in life of the women. The new season will continue from the connection of past life of all. We can also see Alexia got married after that, because she now expected to get married in December 2021. We can also see how her life changes after marriage and how she makes balance in her married life.

Expected trailer of the real housewives of season 5:

Unfortunately there is no officially announcement is done by the channel related to the releasing of season 5 trailer. So as of now we don't have any new trailer to be share with you.

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