Everything you need to know about South Park Season 26 - A Popular American animated TV Series

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South Park American animated TV Series

South Park American animated TV Series

South Park American animated TV Series This is American animated serial which is created by Trey and Matt. The south park was devolved by Brian Graden. The show is telecasted on comedy central. The first season was first premiered on August 13, 1997 and till date 317 episodes has been telecasted.

After the show was aired it becomes very popular among the audience and also appreciated by the critics as well. The show gets the mixed reaction from the audience but still South Park is the highest earning television show of comedy central.

The series is about four boys name as Stan Marsh, Kyle, Eric and Kenny and their misadventures in the town of Colorado. The show is for adult and mature audience and famous for its dark humours and discuss over mane sensitive issues of the society.

The series is inspired by two animated films name as 'The spirit of Christmas' and South Park. The show maintains the popularity after 25 episodes now fans need to know when the next episode will be released.

Here we have all details related to the renewing of season 26.

Everything you need to know about south park season 26:

When will the south park season 26 released?

The previous season was released on February 2, 2022 on comedy central. The season has six episodes and each with duration of 22 minutes.

When we talking about the renewing of season 26. As per the popularity and the show is about society welfare, the show must go on. In September 2019 comedy central has officially announced that they are renewing the south park season 26.

The makers has even said that we put efforts to get our own show cancelled but the comedy central loves us to be back on television again, so the cancellation of the show is now on hold.

 Although we have good news for the fans. According to the show's creators, they have signed a new deal worth $900 million with Viacom CBS. In this deal the South Park will continue renewing seasons until 2027. So we can sit and relax as we can defiantly see not only season 26 but it can be season 30.

Now we have news that the South Park has now officially renewed the animated show for many seasons, but the there is no exact date has been issued by the channel.

However if the channel follows the same usual release pattern as for previous seasons, then we can expect the south park season 26 to release somewhere in Q4, 2022 and Q1 2023 on comedy central. 

Expected cast voice in season 26 of South Park:

The voice of animated characters is given by the production team. The co- creators willing to give their voices to the main characters of the show. Trey Parker has given his voice to main characters in the series like Stan Marsh, Stan's father name randy Marsh, Eric cart man and even south Park elementary teacher Mr. Garrison.

On the other hand the another creator name Matt Stone gave his voice to Kyle Broflovski, Butters Stotch, Kenny McCormick and many other characters.

In addition to that their other characters that played the important roles and their voices are given by many other actors. April Stewart and Mona Marshall lend their voices to large numbers of female characters in the show.  They also gave their voice to Wendy Test burger.

Also these two actors voice is given to Stan's mother name Sharon and his sister name Shelley, cart man's Mother name Liane, Kenny 'mom Carol and many more.

However many other actors have also lent their voices in the show and the characters played by them in previous seasons. Also many famous celebrity of Hollywood also take interest in giving their voices to somewhere in the show, like Jennifer Aniston, Jay leno, Natasha Hens ridge.

Also we can expect new characters and new voices in coming seasons of South Park. 

Storyline for south park season 26:

The story of south Park revolves around four friends who went in same local school and become best friends after some time. Each season has different storyline from the past seasons. There is extraordinary things happens in the series which gives a message for society dark secret. The four friends handle the events came to them with calm and patience. They seem to be very modern in solving issues.

The upcoming seasons will have same storyline and these four people will help others to overcome from challenges coming to them. If we talk about season 26 we will see the dark humour and with new problems faced by south Park people.

So fans get ready to watch many more seasons of South Park and enjoy the tuning between four friends and how they solve the problems of South Park people.

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