Is the Gilded age renewed for season 2? Everything you need to know about The Gilded Age TV Series!

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Gilded Age TV Series

Gilded Age TV Series

Gilded Age TV Series

The Gilded age is an American History related drama series of HBO channel. The series is created and directed by Julian Fellowes. The first season was highly appreciated by fans of United States and also liked by critics as well. The show is most liked by its costume, casting, characters acting, set designs and many others. Now the first season has been completed and now fans are waiting to know is there second season of Gilded age or not?

The series followed the story of 1882 New York City rich and upper class family. How they lived and what are their household things is shown in the show. Later in the series young women seen who came to New York City in 1882 and then she started facing problems in day to day work by upper class Russell family. The show will also show an era of poverty and inequality of millions of immigrants, impoverished regions that come to united status.

Also in the show the gap between upper class and lower class and workers have been nicely explained.

Here we will explain all the details related to the next season of gilded age.

Is the Gilded age renewed for season 2?

The gilded return of the Gilded Age season renewed or not: everything you need to know.

The first season was premiered on January, 2022 on HBO. The first season has nine episodes with time duration of 40 to 80 minutes to each episode. The season was aired on March 21, 2022.

After first season ends, HBO Executive Vice president Francesca Orsi on HBO officially twitter account announced that the wait is over for fans, we are renewing the season 2 of The Gilded age.  He added we are ready to entertain people once again with the journey of high class people of united statues of 1880. He also said without our Universal television partners we are unable to continue the journey for second time. Our team has done extra ordinary work.

President of universal television Erin Underhill also said about first season that previous season was premising to describe the epic story of Glided age people, also there is lot more in Julian life which needs to explore more.

The first season some episodes filming was delayed due to pandemic covid-19 in United States, some actors also caught positive and shooting was delayed. But now all are vaccinated and ready to shooting properly.

We are happy to announce that the second season of the gilded age will resume sometime in Q1 2023.

Expected cast in Glided age second season:

In the first season characters are as below:

Carrie Coon as Bertha Russell

Morgan Specter as George Russell

Louisa Jacobson as Marian Brook

Denee Benton as Peggy Scott

Christine Baranski as Agnes van Rhijn

Cynthia Nixon as Ada Brook

Blake Ritson as Oscar van Rhijn

Taissa Farmiga as Gladys Russell

Harry Richardson as Larry Russell

The second season expected to have these characters as below:

Thomas Conquered as Tom Raikes

Simon Jones as Bannister

Jack Gilpin as Church

Jeanne as Sylvia

Nathan Lane as Ward

Amy Forsyth as Carrie Astor

Donna Murphy as Mrs. Astor

Most of the characters as expected to be return in second season but we can also expect new faces joined second season.

Storyline of Glided age season 2?

In the first season finale it was shown that Marian leaves the Rhijn homes and escaped t get marry Raikes. Mrs. Astor attends Bertha Russell ball. Bertha requested to other members of the society to attend the wedding. Gladys then comes out and joined the society. Later Peggy gets to know that her missing son is alive and she decided to go to Philadelphia to find him.

In season 2 we can expect to carry the story where it was left from season 1. Peggy will go together city to find his missing son with her husband. Marian will be seen in anew relationship with Larry she will continue to do work with Red Cross. Mrs. Astor can be seen working together with Bertha again; this will include everyone in the same line.

Expected trailer for season 2 of Glided age:

The channel has announced that they are renewing the Glided season 2 on May, 2022. But there is no information has been said about the releasing the season 2. So unfortunately there is no officially announcement is done by the channel regarding the trailer for season 2. So as of now we don't have any new trailer for Glided age.

If you have not watched the season 1 trailer, it is available to watch on YouTube channel and if you have not watched the season 1 of Glided age, you can watch the season 1 on HBO channel. All episodes are available on HBO channel.

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