The wilds season 2- Expected release date everything you need to know about storyline and casts!

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The wilds TV Series

The wilds TV Series

The wilds TV Series

The wilds season 2- Expected release date everything you need to know-

The wilds are an American drama series which is created by Sarah. The series is launched on Amazon prime. The first season of the show was released on December, 2020. The audience liked the show for its storyline and also it was appreciated by critics as well. Rotten tomatoes gives review score of 92% out of 100 and average rating score of 83%. After the success of first season, now fans want to know when the season 2 will be released.

The series followed the story of group of teenage girls who went for a trip, which was bound for Hawaii for women empowerment's program. The girls' plane crashes in the Pacific ocean. After that their struggle for life and how they survive on that island is nicely shown in the series. Their struggle doesn't stop after they rescued from the island and at lat in the season, the suspense is disclose that leaving the girls on the island is a planned by someone. We will find that suspense in the last.

Due to positive reviews of Wilds season 1, Amazon takes the news positively and announced that they are renewing the series for second season very soon. After that news, now fans are excited to hear the news of release date of Wilds season 2.

In a recent instagram posted on February 22 by Amazon channel, they have shared the first look of season 2 for fans to watch. Also they have discloses the most awaiting news of releasing date of season 2.

Here we will share all the details, which we are related to the release of season 2.

Expected release date of Wilds season 2:

However, after making the announcement of renewing the season 2, we have news that the filming of season2 has not started till date. The main reason of delayed in filming is pandemic covid- 19, due to this the further shooting of season 2 is not possible. Now Amazon didn't take too much time to reschedule the filming of season 2.

In April, 2021, on Wilds official twitter page, the team posted a video of different cast and crew members announcing that they are ready for season 2. Still the situation is not same now, as pandemic has changed a lot.

In addition to that the location of filming of season 2 has been changed, now new location of shooting is moved from New Zealand to Queensland and Australia, for shooting Australia workers have been hired by Amazon and ABC signature.

Still, there is no officially announcement is made by the channel regarding the release of second season of Wilds, as of now we don't have any new set date for release.

But the channel recent post do answer of each questions, the Wilds season 2 is officially se to premiere on Amazon prime on May 6, 2022.

Expected cast of Wilds season 2:

There is full chances of returning back the previous cast of season 1 to season 2,it seems that there is not so much changes happened in the season 2 casting by the channel. The group of girls who are in lead role with no doubt will come back for second season with their solid roles this time.

They are such as below:

Fatina as Sofia Ali

Martha as Jenna Clause

Rachel Reid as Reign Edwards

Dot Campbell as Shannon Berry

Nora Reid as Helena Howard

Shelby Good kind as Mia

Toni shalifoe as Erana and

Leah Rilke as Sarah all are set to be return for second season.

Along with them the characters who played the negative roles will also be return back for second season as Gretchen Klein as Rachel, Dean Young as troy and FBI trauma as David.

In addition to them there are eight male teenage will seen in second season, their existence was disclosed in first season.

Rafael as Zack

Henry as Aiden

Josh as Nicholas

Kirin as Charles

Ivan as Miles

Scotty as Reed

Bo Leonard as Tanner

Seth as Alex.

Expected storyline for season 2 of wilds:

It was expected by the fans that the season 2 will give the more mysterious things of Dawn of Eve and Twilight of Adam. The storyline detail has yet to be given by the channel, so we can expect that the story will continue from rescuing the girls from the island and from their interviewing is going on, it was seen something happened with Rachel and Martha, they were not seen after rescuing from island, what happened with them on the island will definitely seen on season 2.

Expected trailer of season 2 of wilds:

The wilds season 2 trailers has been launched on April 6, 2022 on Amazon prime and after a month May 6, 2022. The wild season 2 will release.

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