Everything you need to know about StoryLine of Now and Then American Comedy TV Series!

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Now and Then TV Series

Now and Then TV Series

Now and Then TV Series

Everything you need to know about Now and then TV :

Now and then is an American comedy series of Apple+ TV. The series is created by Ramon Campos and Fernandez - Valdes; they are also show runners as well. The shooting of the show is done in Miami.

In past years Apple TV has been making the series like the Godzilla via Deadline, Band of brothers titled Masters of the air. Just to change the taste of audience, channel launched the youth generated series name Now and Then.

Now and then series followed the story of a six college friends. They went for a party after there graduation party but soon one of the friends got missing during the party, they all scared but they can't do much. Now the story take a u Turn after 20 years after all five friends settled down in their life, someone came and reminds them that horrible night 20 years back. The stranger is none other than their old school friends who got missing that night.

Here we will explained about Now and then casting, story and when will it debut?

When will now and then be released?

Apple+ TV on their officially website has been declared that the new Apple+ TV series Now and Then will be release on May 20, 2022. The first season of the show will have eight episodes. The first three episodes of the show will be available to watch on the release date and next episode will be streaming on Apple+ TV every Friday. All episodes will be globally launched for audience in overall world.

We can say that after three episodes the entire season will be come by June 2022. Either you can watch the episode every Friday when they launched or you can wait and let the season episodes be launched and then watch all episodes at once. Choice is yours.

Who will be in Now and then?

Now and then casting by Apple+ TV stared from across the U.S. then Latin America and finally Spain.  Apple+ TV hired actors for any show from previous show and on the basis of their popularity.  The head of Rosie Perez who recently casted in HBO max thriller show name 'The flight Attendant' and also she is known for her role in hit movies like Do the right things. She is even nominated for role in fearless for Oscar. Along with Rosie another Oscar nominated actor is casted in Now and then name Marina De Tavira.

Other than that famous actor from different movies and shows has been casted in Now and then, they are as below.

Pan's Labyrinth Star Maribel Verdu

Jose Maria Yazpik from Narcos

Manolo Cardona

Soledad Villamil

Zeljko ivanek

Jorge Lopez

Alicia Jaziz

Dario Yazbek

Alicia Sanz

Jack Duarte

Miranda de la Serna

The time we write this information, there is no confirmation regarding casting of Now and then is received by the Apple TV. However streamer has provided all the information related to the casting to us. Still there is possibility in members of cast that they play different roles in the show.

Story line of Now and then:

As per Apple+ TV press release, Now and then is as thriller series. Now and then is a story of six college going friends, how is there life Now and what will be their life after 20 years is shown in the show. The story we can say is divided in two phrase of life, in the first phrase all friends are going for a happy weekends together, they are partying, dancing and enjoying the time without any future tension in mind, there party ends when they lost a friend that day.

In the second phrase is about present day, after 20 years all five fiends now grownup and settled in their life with family, work. Also they have moved from the past bad memories of their weekend in past years. However history repeats itself them re united again in a weekend. Now this weekend will definitely change their life forever. The might have faced shock when they see their missing friends is live and sitting in front of them.

In addition to that Now and then will defiantly teach the difference between generations of youth from maturity for all. In the show identify of missing friend remain as secret later in the show you will find what happened with five survivors friend? What is the secret they all carried together will be seen later in the show.

Those who love thriller and suspense show, Now and then is for them.

Trailer of Now and then:

Apple+ TV has officially released the trailer of first season of Now and then on their official website. The trailer looks amazing and thrilling. Go ahead and enjoy the trailer on Apple+ TV.

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