Know everything about Leave it to Geege season 2 expected release date & casts - Storyline!

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Leave it to Geege TV Series

Leave it to Geege TV Series

Leave it to Geege TV Series

Leave it to Geege is a documentary series titled after geese Taylor, whose family is the main cast of the series. This is telecasted on lifetime channel. After the success of first season now fans are waiting to know if there is any more season of leave it to Geege or this is the end.

The series follows the story of a Divorced mother and a breast cancer survivor and also she supports people from autism. Further in series the up and downs of a single parent can be seen. Geege lived along with her kids and one of her kid is also autistic and non verbal child still she managed everything alone. She has family and friends who supports her in difficult time.

This documentary also gives accurate representation of autism and also helps in changing the mentality of society about autism people. Geege also remembered when she was diagnosed with autism and now her own child has same things, that is why this documentary is close to her heart, for people autism diagnose this is not the end of your world, still there is lot more to do.

Now viewers' wants to know is there second season of leave it to Geege or not, if yes then when we can expect releasing the second season

Here we have all details related to the second season renewing or not, we will share with you.

Leave it to Geege Season 2: Everything you need to know so far-

Leave it to Geege season 2 expected release date:

The first season of the series was premiered on January 12, 2022 on Lifetime and ended on March 16, 2022. The first season has 10 episodes with time duration of each episode is 40 minutes.

As we talking about the season 2 of Leave it to Geege, there is no officially announcement is done by the channel related to renewing the season 2 and also they have not mentioned any set date for release. Although the show gets good reviews from audience as well from the critics because the series shows the life journey of autism people, according to critics in the show they have providing the true pictures of autism people and good representation and demonstration by the actors, there is no one who can show better than this.

Geege said, as a single parent she finds very difficulty in raising the kid with autism. It is hard to create a happy environment all the time at home, but she tries hard to manage all the worse situations. She added, she and her team giving the excellent handling of a intense issue with joy and we are happy to know we are liked by the audience. She also said she is hoping to return back with more adventure and fun of Taylor family.

If everything goes positively, we can expect the season 2 will return somewhere in Q1 of 2023.

Expected cast of leave it to Geege season 2:

The season 2 of the documentary leave it to Geege must have Taylor family members. In Taylor family there is Geege Taylor, who is mother and also breast cancer survivor, along with her, she has a boy name Pootie Taylor, who lives with autism. And she has a daughter name Harper Taylor, they all are definitely return for second season.

Along with them we can expect some new members to be join in season 2 will be Tyler Curtis, pootie's nanny, she is very nice lady and we look forward to see her more in second season. Along with Geege's Niece Mary Frances Jones will be joining in coming season.

Another cast is Geege's Boyfriend Mark and we can see him also, there is bond devolved between Pootie and Geege, so surely Mark will return back for second season. Geege's life will be incomplete without returning back her friends Cree west and Nicky Stanley, so they will also come.

Apart from these cast, we can also see welcoming new members in Taylor family in second season.

Expected plotline for Leave it to Geege season 2:

At the end of season 1, we have seen Tyler receives the news of his autism evolution and he decides to keep it with himself only. Many people who have autism may go about their lives without realizing it. Even a diagnosis doesn't create any difference in their way of thinking and talking, they will behave same as they do before diagnose fro autism.

In the final moments we can see Geege went to Atlanta, where she will meeting with two congressman and talk about them laws and policies that affect autism people as well his son Pootie. We would love to see her outcome for welfare of autism people in season 2.

Expected trailer of season 2:

There is no trailer for season 2 has been released by Lifetime till now.

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