Lana Condor’s Boo bitch Season 1: Netflix’s new Upcoming Series - An American Live Comedy Show !

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Lana Condor's Boo bitch Season 1: Netflix's new upcoming series:

This is an American live comedy show which is launched this year on Netflix. Boo bitch is created by Erin Ehrlich, Tim and Kuba. Erin and Lauren both are show screenwriter as well show runners. While crazy cat lady handles the production and the show is telecasted only on Netflix.

The main characters of the series are Boo Bitch who was last seen in the movie 'to all the boys I've loved before she played the role of Lara Jean Covey, also she worked science fiction series name Deadly class in 2018.  Now with boo Bitch Netflix series, she has tried to separate her character from previous show.

She said one of her interview to Popsuger, working in this series is completely different experience for me but I have learned a lot, i feel like I never am same like today. She added that I love this world all with my heart, when we were picking for the series boo Bitch, me and my team started seeing our future projects. 

Boo bitch episodes and each episodes will run around for will be the one of the limited Netflix series on teenage comedy. The boo bitch series has eight episodes with the duration of each episode is 30 minutes.

Now everyone want to know when the season 1 will fall on Netflix? What will be the story of the season and who will be in the cast in season 1? Although there is no information reveals related to the Boo bitch, still we try to gather some information from sources and explained as below.

Boo Bitch release date:

Unfortunately there is no officially announced is disclosed by the channel regarding the release of Boo bitch on Netflix. So as of now we don't have any set date for releasing the boo bitch.

However the production of Boo bitch started since August 2021, in los angles United States. So we can expect this TV series to be launched on Netflix in the July 2022.

Also Boo bitch is planned to launch for limited series, then as of now it is expected that the Boo bitch will not have season 2, but we don't know what will happens in coming time.


Boo Bitch: How the story is going to be?

As there is not much is disclosed by the production regarding the season 1, so we don't have much information about what will be the storyline of the season 1.

However Netflix official said that, the season 1 follows the story of a high school going teen age girl name Erika Vu. She lived her life in high school as a senior student and maintains a reputation of that.

But after a long night, when she wake up she clearly see that she is now a ghost, not a scary one but yes a ghost, at first she shouted with fear because as a matter of hours her reputation and existence changes for ever but after that she realizes that she can do whatever she want to do in her life. Suddenly she starts living like epic life and she started enjoying being a ghost.

Production weekly also has released about the show story that Erika in her final weeks of high school and no one even knows her name but when her best friend Gia request her to attend the big party, Erika finally as a fill with confidence and overcome from her shyness and becomes the star of the party. Even her crush in school Jake giving her attention.

But after that Gia and Erika went to spot again for finding Erika necklace and their a shock was given to Erika that now she is not a human she becomes a ghost and then everything changes

Boo Bitch: Who will be the cast?

The main characters of the show are Lara Condor as Erika Vu. She is the star of the show the whole story will revolve around her and to support her are many characters to be in the series, who also played the important roles.

Zoe Colletti will play the role of Gia, Erika best friend in the Boo bitch. Mason Versaw played the role of Jake C, Aparna Brielle as Riley, Jason Genoa as Devon and Tenzing as trainer.

Is there any trailer available  for Boo bitch?

Unfortunately there e is no announcement is done by the Netflix that when the trailer of Boo bitch will be released, even they have not disclosed when the series will be released, so we cannot t expect when the series trailer will released.

So as of now e don't have any trailer of Boo bitch to share will you all. But Netflix has shared first pictures of Boo bitch on May 12.

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