What The Degrassi: How other cast of Degrassi doing now?

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How other cast of Degrassi doing now?

We have gathered all information about the cast of Degrasssi only for you.

Raymond Ablack

Raymond Ablack play an important role in "Degrassi: The Next Generation " in its later seasons which remain on air for nearly 100 episodes, he appeared as Sav Bhandari from 2007 to 2011.

Sav Bhandari is a popular guy who comes into the limelight when he becomes the part of the band Studz with his friends, and his charming persona made him one of the shows most lovable character .

Ablack repeat his role in "Degrassi : Next Class" for a couple of episodes in 2016.

Since his tenure on "Degrassi " Raymond Black becomes the star of the world television and continues to be a part of prominent TV shows.

He played role in "Defiance" and Orphan Black" and played Gaberiel role in Canadian web series "Teenagers". Raymond also starred in a couple of big Netflix series , including "Narcos" in 2017 as well as "Maid" and "Ginni &Georgia" and appears in every episode of the second season of "Ginny &Georgia"

He is also starred in the TV movies "Boyfriend of Christmas past" and the "Wedding Ring" in 2021. "Degrassi" help Ablack to flourish his career.


A.J. Saudin play a role of Shy connor Delaurier in "Degrassi: The Next Generation" from 2008 to 2015, featuring in more than 100 episodes.

Before appearing in this teen show , Saudin had a pretty successful television career. He appeared in shows like " Friends and Heroes" and " Da kinky in my hair". Super smart Connor struggles with Asperger were truly complelling. It was wonderful to see his character in seven season of show. In show he was the part of the The Three Tenners band. Where he shine because of his music created by him over his computers.

A.J.Saudin left the acting for persuing his career in music . In 2016 The Huffington Post reported that he released his first single "Quickly " followed by "The Road". He went on two releases two EPs in 2017 with "Before I met you" and  A Midsummer's Daydream",and featured in Drake music video " I am upset " in 2018.

Dalmer Abuzeid:

First appear as immature Danny Van Zandt in 2004, Dalmar Abuzeid flourished in turning Danny into responsible and clever man over seix seasons of " Degrass : The Next Generation "

He is also a band mate of Sav in studz and did their education from prestigious Cornell university.

After falling in love with acting "Degrassi: The Next Generation ", Abuzeid continued to pursue his career in acting and quite successful in following his dreams which he has seen so far.

Abuzied had a recurring role as Jarmin on " Majority rules !" and appeared in "Hemlock Grove" " Dark Matter" and "Republic of Royale" as well as blockbuster movie "Pompeii". He also featured in childhood educational programme "TVOkids Bookaneers and several other shows including "Shoot the Messanger "Condor", "Pure", "Crawford".

Abuzeid along with other :Degrassi" alums appear  in Drake music album " I am upset" but biggest role in his carrier comes with a guest role in "Anne with E" as Sebastian Lacroix featured in 18 episodes .

Role played by him was seriously acclaimed and earned ACTRA for outstanding performance as well as Canadian Screen award.

Jack Goldsbie:

One of the few characters appeared on first episode of :Degrassi: The Next Generation", Toby Isaac was geeky , computer obsessed  kid played by Jake Goldsbie. He was featured in almost 100 episodes over the eight seasons of the show from 2001 to 2009. Before" Degrassi" Goldsbie had role in the TV movie " Critical choices " and " Black and Blues" as well as voice acting role in "Corduroy"and "Redwell".

He is also known for other shows like" The Kid", "Prince Charming", "I do they don't"and "Twitches".

After show come to the end in 2009, Goldsbie took a long break from acting and opted and appeared in small role, such as appeared in 2017 "Molly Game" as well as parts in both " Mrs America " and "Private Eyes" in 2020.

Alongside the odd films and tv appearance , he foreyed in world of podcasting and currently co host Stringer Lab"Sportsfeld" which is a comedy podcast.

Cassie Steele :

Cassie Steele was featured in first nine season of "Degrassie" in  more than 100 episodes broadcast between 2001 to 2009 .

The Iconic Manny Santos role played by her which goes through the teen pregnancy and a glorious journey into feeling comfortable in her body. Santos while having the romance with Jay( Mike Lobel) , she had a huge dream of becoming the musician and actress. Which reflected into her real life too, whi continue to pursue the career in acting after "Degrassie".

Steele struggled with bullying revealing to E! news people identified me with my character they couldn't separate me from my character . She felt like she was bullied at lot of parties . It was difficult for her because she wanted to make friends. She overcome the difficult time and starred in several Tv movies including "Sorority and Surrogate" and" the Dorm" in 2014 and "Twist of fate" in 2016.

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