Adventure Beast TV Series - Will there be Adventure Beast Season 2? Know Everything About It!

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Adventure Beast TV Series

Adventure beast is an American adult series. The series is created and directed by Mark Graves and Bradley Trevor. This animated TV series is also based on the show runner Bradley Trevor real life career, as an author or as well as a wildlife expert.

The first season of the adventure beast is released on October 22, 2021 on Netflix. The first season of adventure beast consist 12 episodes and with the time duration of 16 to 20 minutes each episode.

The series followed the story of misadventures of Bradley, who is a military man and later he turn into a wild lover. Along with him, he has his senior field assistant named Dietrich and his niece bonnie. They all travel world and find out the habits of animals.

This show tells the animals nature in a funny and comedy style, which is liked by everyone. First season of adventure beast has received appreciation from audience as well from critics. The series will also do a great work by bringing awareness into people about wildlife and difficult life of zoologists. The IMDB gives this series 5.2 out of 10 scores.

Now fans want to know is there a new season of adventure beast is coming or not? Here we will share all details related to the season 2 of adventure beast.

Adventure Beast season 2:  will it renewed or not?

Will there be Adventure Beast Season 2?

Unfortunately there is no officially announcement is shared by the channel and producer related to the renewing the season 2. It is seems that the first season was launched a month ago so might be Netflix still taking time to rethink about renewing second season or not?

Apart from this Netflix launched many adult animated series and they are quite popular also. But talking to Adventure beast we are not really sure about this that Netflix will continue with this series or the channel will focus more on other successful animated series.

The chances of making second season will depend on either channel and show popularity here the series gets the mix reaction from the audience. But if we look at first season it ends with open question, which seems to be answered in second season.

At the end we can expect if there will second season renewing we can expect them to see it in the late of 2022 or in 2023.

Adventure beast season 2 storyline:

In the first season, we have seen that Bradley and Dietrich are going for an adventure trip to know and save the wild animals in the dark forest. In the jungle they both have faced many difficulties in dealing with nature and animal. Many time their life also in danger but somehow they both managed.

The final episode of first season ends in a dilemma. They are attacked by monkey's group and Bradley trying scares the monkey with a big stone, but he then fall into the stone and stuck there. After that there was group of hippopotamus coming their way. Bonnie then asks Dietrich to lift stone and make a baby hippo face on it and place it on the way of hippopotamus. Sadly Dietrich draws a photo of baby watermelon, because this is what he could only draw by himself.

They all are failed in their tricks and they attacked by group of Hippo and take away Dietrich. So in the finale Dietrich was missing, but he is still alive coz Bradley has not found his body anywhere.

If there will be season 2 of adventure beast, we can expect the storyline for season 2, from carry forward from where the season 1 left. We will bonnie and BTG on a rescue mission to find where Dietrich is. We can expect in season 2 there journey in finding and also dealing with several wild animals.

Adventure beast expected voice cast for season 2?

If there will season 2 of adventure beast, we can expect to be return back the original voice cast from season 1 but this is also we are making guess the voice actors availability is also important. Still below are main characters who lend their voice in season 1:

Bradley Trevor as Himself

Danice Cabanela as his Niece

Again Danice as Junior Field Assistant and Bonnie

Josh Zuckerman as Dietrich.

Apart from them if in storyline of season 2 required, we can also expect new characters and new voice actors to be casted in season 2.

However there is no official announcement is done; we are only sharing our guess here. The final cast will be done by channel and producers.

Expected trailer of adventure beast season 2:

Sadly there is no information of renewing the season 2 shared as of now. So as of now we don't have any new trailer to be shared.

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