SpongeBob SquarePants - American Animated Comedy TV Show - How Old is This?

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SpongeBob SquarePants - American Animated comedy Television show?

Sponge square pants are an American Animated comedy Television show. The creator of this cartoon show is Marine science. You can watch the series on Nickelodeon. The idea of making of Sponge bob was came first in educational comic book by Hillenburg in 1889. They want to teach their students about under water and then they finally came up with this character.

At first Hillenburg want the SpongeBob an adult cartoon, who will be seen driving and working in a restaurant but the Network wants the character as a kid who is going to school. And later they both agreed to a term where he makes Mrs. Puff and her boating school, later SpongeBob seen going in that school.

The first season of the series was launched on Nick on July 17, 1999. Since then now the series has recently completed its fourteen season on March 24, 2022. At first SpongeBob suffered from critics and audience non approval, but later after second or third season, it becomes very popular among kids as well adult.

As per popularity of the show we can SpongeBob square pant was American fifth longest running television show till today. The series also a highest rating series with net profit of amount $ 13 billion in 2019. This cartoon series also won many awards like Annie award and Emmy award and kids' choice award as well.

Till today we can say that even after there has been 23 years since it's launched but still people can watch with their kids and enjoy.

Who is sponge sqaurepants?

The main hero of the show is SpongeBob sqaurepants. He is yellow sponge who has white teeth with large blue eyes. He looks like a kitchen sponge more than the sea sponge. He used to wear colorful pants and under that his heart sign underpants.

He is a fry cook in the fast food restaurant Krusty Krab and his manager is Mr. Krub. He always tries to do his work properly and every time he did mistake and Mr. Krub always scold on him, which makes him sad.

At starting we have seen SpongeBob as sweet, kind, funny and also hardworking. He has enthusiasm for his work and his life. SpongeBob is very easily over excited about almost everything. Even simple daily task and things which normally we are doing he gets over with them as well.

One day when Squid ward invited him for a strike at hotel, he thinks it is festival and started celebrated over there. Just because he didn't know the meaning of word strike. This is his behavior shows the repetitive talking, loud and of course his annoying laughter whish almost kills Mr. Krub.

SpongeBob sqaurepants friends:

As per his nature he is friend of everyone in the sea, coz he never fights with anyone, not even he uses bad words about anyone. He has a best friend Patrick star; they both shared everything with each other. Patrick always thinks that SpongeBob is more intelligent than him.

Alone with him, he has a neighbor Suidward an octopus, who is also a co worker at Mr. Krub hotel. He used to hate hanging around SpongeBob and Patrick, as he thinks they behave like child.

Apart from them there are mrs.puff's that is running a boating school. SpongeBob has a childhood dream to get the driving licsece test drive boat, but he is good at oral exam and at the time of driving he gets too excited and hit the boat every time. He did the test drive a million time but still he is trying for driving license.

How old if SpongeBob sqaurepants?

If we talking about the SpongeBob sqaurepants age we cannot surely say how old he is. In first season episodes, we have seen in a dream he has a driving licsece in which his birth date was July 14, 1986. And the show was first seen in 1999, from that we can estimate that the SpongeBob is almost 13 years old.

In the show we have seen that since staring SpongeBob is act like an Adult and he has dream of having a boat license, in the city where he lived there is age limit to get the driving license is 16 years or above. SpongeBob is doing test drive for the boat driving also he is working in hotel, that makes sense that he is 16 year plus.

As per creator Stephan he said that he dreamt getting driving license, the information in the dream might be fake, we cannot estimate SpongeBob age or other details based on the dream.

We have another hint that in Kamp Koral series SpongeBob is seen as 10 years old and baby Pearl was born, later in that series Pearl turns 16 and SpongeBob will automatically become 26 years.

At last we can say there is no officially defined age for SpongeBob sqaurepants, but he is an adult and above 16 years.

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