Know Everything for An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts Season 03 Released Date and Casts!

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An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts (TV Series)

This is a romantic series of Italian Television which is produced by Bindu De and the series was launched on Netflix. Earlier the series name was Guida astrologica per which is an Italian name and later the series known as Astrological Guide for broken hearts. The series is picked by a novel of Silvia Zucca's with name copied.

The first season of the series was launched on October 27, 2021 and after a year the second season of the series was premiered on March 8, 2022. The first season has six episodes with time duration of each episode is 30 to 40 minutes. The show received very well audience support as well as appreciated by the critics. This is a light heated romantic and funny series. Still it is being liked by fans.

The series received the 7.2 out of 10 audience scores from IMDB and Rotten tomatoes gives this show to 60% of average audience rating.

The series followed the story of a young women Alice, who is being fed up with her failed love relations and wants a serious relationship but where will she find that perfect match and how will she behave to remain long in that relationship? To find the answer of these questions she met with an astrologer and soon her love life is running on track. This is all about the series.

After receiving positive responses from audience now fans are waiting to know when the third season of the series will be released. Or the previous season was the final of the series?

Here we will share all the details which we have related to the renewing or cancelling the season 3.

An Astrological Guide for broken hearts season 3- There be one?

Will there be season 3 of astrological guide for broken hearts?

We know that the season 2 was launched on March 8, 2022 on Netflix. Like the first season the second season also has the six episodes in total. If we can calculate we can say that Netflix took             five months for releasing the season 2, after first season ends, because producer might be calculating the show popularity and preparing the storyline for further episodes.

Talking about season 3, sadly there is no officially announcement is shared by either producer or Netflix, that when the season 3 will be renewing. Also they have not shared the news of closing the series. So still we can hope for the possibility of season 3 soon. If we can see the history it takes gap of five or more months by the producers for thinking about renewing of season.

If we talk about options for renewing the season 3 they are as first we can say that season 2 was going quite well in terms of popularity. Second reason will be that the series is based on the novel then it needed that the complete story should be filmed by the producer.  The producers also know that what they want to show and how far they want to go.

At last after reading all the possible solution we can say that till second season Alice life all zodiac sigh has been revealed so there is not much to share further. The possibility is that the second season was the final season of the series.

But if we see the positive side then we can say that if there is announcement of renewing is done by 2022 then we can expect that the season 3 will released somewhere in spring of 2023.

Expected storyline for season 3 of astrological guide for broken hearts:

If we get the confirmation of renewing the season 3 then only we can predict the season 3 stories. As of now we can guess that the season 3 story will be picked up from where the season 2 ends.

At the end of season 2, we have seen Alice and David got work assignment, for that David went to Hong Kong, before leaving he didn't even talk to Alice and not even tell him about her trip. On the other hand Alice takes job proposal in Rome and settled. On Alice birthday night, David does the surprise visit and again these two started their love life.

On the other hand Cristina and Carlo blessed with baby boy.

We can also say about season 3 that audience can enjoy more of Alice and David relationship tantrum. Also Tio is completely in love with Andrew, how far their relationship will go? Is all we can see in next season?

Expected cast for season 3:

Since there is no information of renewing the season 3, however we can expect that the main lead actors of the show must be retuning for new season. Also we can expect new cast to be joined in next season, according to the story demands.

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