Jane the virgin Season 6: Renewed or cancelled? Everything you need to know so far!

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Jane the virgin TV Series

Jane the virgin is an American romantic comedy series. The series was created and devolved by Jennie Urman. The first season of Jane the virgin was released on October 13, 2014 since than five seasons has been released. The second season was premiered in 2015 after that third season came in 2016 followed that the fourth season was out in 2017 and latest season of Jane the virgin was released in 2019.

 This show has simple story and still that the series is quite famous among audience. The series gets the best Television series award and Jane won the best actress award. Still the series get bad reviews from the critics for Jane performance and about show story.

The series followed the story of a girl name Jane, who is living a simple homely life, she has a boyfriend also. But one day her life completing changed when her doctor did a mistake by doing wrong inseminated and she gets pregnant. The story will go on this who is the father of the child, it is a mistake or it is a planned action? How will she tell about this to her boyfriend and to deal with her family? The story is continuing with going around all of these questions.

After the popularity of the show, will the series continue for season 6 or the previous season was the last one of the series?

Here we will share all details which we have related to the renewing or cancelling the season 6.

Jane the virgin Season 6: Renewed or cancelled? Everything you need to know so far-

Will there be Jane the Virgin season 6?

In the previous season the Jane the virgin happy ending was seen. They both get married and settled with the child, after this for which reason the series will continue? This is a good question to be asked. But fans are eager to know what happens next to Jane life after marriage and with baby.

Sadly we have to say this that it has been 2 years of previous season launched, after that till today there is no new news is shared by the channel related to the Jane the virgin new season.

Although the pandemic covid- 19 was a big reason for closing every production. But in this case we can say that there is nothing new to be shared by the channel on screen.

Yet it is also true that there is no officially announcement is given by the channel regarding the renewing or cancelling the series. Still we can expect that sooner or later production or channel will rethink of this series. But as of now we can say that the last season have cleared every doubt and didn't let any open question.


Jane the Virgin storyline so far:

In the previous season, we have seen so far that Jane is accidently pregnant after few days she back from the check up from hospital. She and her entire family come to shock when she told them about her pregnancy.

Later she able to find out who is the father of the baby and here is another shock that he was her crush since childhood but right now suffering from cancer and also he is her new boss as well.

After all she decided to keep the baby but now she has to chosen between her new love and her child legal father and she also get to know that Michael has amnesia and will be dead soon. She is seen dealing with all in the show.

At the end of season 5 we have seen Jane is getting married with his boyfriend Rafael Solano, who is also a biological father of a boy Mateo. Later in the series the storyteller becomes the young Mateo. 

Jane the virgin season 6 expected plotline:

However if there is season 6 for Jane the virgin, we can say that the story will be started from fresh chapter, as last season has covered everything about Jane. The new season will start from the married life of Jane and Rafael and later we can see how she raises her child. She could be seen dealing with Michael as in last season we have seen him less.

After all these all are expectation, the final storyline will be possible only after there is news of renewing season 6.

Expected cast of Jane the virgin season 6:

Same with cast, until and unless there is no news related to the renewing the season 6, we cannot surely say about the characters to be in season 6.

But what we can predict that the main characters of the series will have to return for season 6. Without retuning main lead actors the season 6 will be incomplete. The main lead actors are as such:

Gina Rodriguez as Jane

Justin Baldoni as Raphael

Brett as Michael

Elias as Mateo 

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