Dare to me season 2- Renewed or canceled? Everything you need to know so far about released date?

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Dare to me TV Series

Dare to me is an American thriller television drama series. The series is based on a novel written by Megan Abbott and also Megan along with Gina is developer of the series as well.  Dare to me first season was released on December 29, 2019 on USA network.

The first season has total 10 episodes and each episode with the running time duration of 42 to 55 minutes.

Dare to me series has a story of teenage school going girl who are also their school cheerleader and are best friends as well. They are Addy, Hanlon and Beth. Their friendship divided when a new coach name Colette French has joined the school. The new coach has begun her new strategies in school which affects their friendship. Because of their coach Addy and Beth have started staying away from Hanlin. At later Colette puts Addy and Beth into a murder case and soon this teenage high school drama becomes a thriller and suspense series. As a result their friendship comes to end and they all are spilt.

The first season received the mix reaction from audience and also very much liked by the critics as well. The show was on the top 10 most watched show on Netflix. The show received the 85% critics rating and 80% audiences rating by rotten tomatoes. While IMDB gives 6.7 out of 10 scores, which is actually an average rating score.

After the first season, now fans want to know if the show was renewed for the season 2 or this is the end. Here we will share the details which we have related to the season 2 renewing or cancelled.

Dare to me season 2- Renewed or canceled? Everything you need to know so far:

Will we ever see Dare to me season 2?

Unfortunately, the USA network officially announced in April 2020, that the show dare to me has been cancelled and there will be no more seasons coming after that. This news was given shock to the fans as they are expecting the new season.

There might be many reasons behind the show is off aired. The main reason might be that the USA network has been focuses more on the reality shows rather than the drama series also the show receives the less popularity and low rating will be a another reason for closing the series.

Although we always hope for possibility, we wish soon the Netflix will changes it mind and again re think about renewing the series or may be some other network will continue further with Dare to me.

But this is also true that It has been 1 year of announcement of closure the series since then we dint hear any news about the season 2 renewing. Also we are not seeing any development is producing the series again. However on the basis of the fact, we can say this the fans need to make their mind that they will not able to see any of drama of dare to me.

Dare to me season 2 expected plotline?

Anyways if there will by chance season 2 is releasing, what will be the expected story of that? We can say that the story will start over from where the first season ends. Also the second season will brief more about what happened with Serge will.

As per author Meghan, she once said about her novel that in the first season of dare to me only half of her book was covered, there is lot more to be known by everyone.

We have also seen at the end of last episode of first season serge didn't do suicide and behi8nd his suspicious death, Coach Colette and her husband was planned. Talking about Kurtz, he was taken to the police station as a murder suspect, what happened to him? Talking about Addy, she realizes that her bracelet was left at the crime spot, what will happen next? Along with that there are, lots of open questions raised in first season, we can expect that when the season 2 will come, we can get the answer of all. But hard luck these question will always be question in history of dare to me series.

Dare to me expected cast for season 2:

IF there is season 2 renewing, we can hope for returning the main cast from season 1 to season 2. As without Addy, Beth and Hanlon how could we think about other characters to be fit in their roles.

The main characters that are expected to be return in season 2 are such as:

Herizen guardiola as Addy

Maro Kelly as Beth

Willa as Colette

Chris Zylka as Kurtz

Rob Heaps as Colette husband's Matt

Adrian Walters as Tibbs

Expected trailer for season 2 of dare to me:

Unfortunately the series is permantely closed by channel so we don't have any new trailer for sharing.

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