What Is The Best Way To Discipline My Child? Learn Top Strategies to Help Your Child Discipline with Love!

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What Is The Best Way To Discipline My Child?

What Is The Best Way To Discipline My Child?

What Is The Best Way To Discipline My Child?

Every parent's job is to discipline their child and make them behave good, this process needs patience and time which helps to learn effective discipline strategy.

Here are some tips which help your children to learn acceptable behavior as they grow.  What's the Best Way to Discipline My Child using  Positive Parenting?

Ten strategies that help to learn your child discipline

1. Show and tell- Always teaches your child with calm words and action, Behave and presents yourself in front of your kids as you would like to see them.

2. Set limits- the parents needs to set clear and simple rules so their child as they can understand as per their age and start following it.

3. Give consequences-Tell your child about the consequences if they don't behave well, if they don't agree, a little punishment can be given to them like if they don't agree with you, their toys can be taken for a day. But remember, never take away the basic needs like meal, water etc from your child.

4. Hear them - Parents needs to hear their child views calmly before giving any consequences to your kids. Listing can help parents to know the root cause of the problem which is being faced by your child.

5. Pay attention- every child wants the attention of their parents , It helps them to reinstate the good behaviors and avoid the others.

6. Catch them being good- Always point out the good  behavior of  child and praise them for their success and honest efforts, try to be specific when you are praising them like "Great , you have done a fantastic job by putting your toy away".

7. Know when not to respond- Parents need to monitor the behavior of their child, sometimes intentionally they do the bad behavior to get the attention of their parents, sometimes its okay to neglect their bad behavior until  its not dangerous but that doesn't mean their bad behavior can be ignored by parents. The parents should teach them natural consequences for their actions like if they keep throwing their toys and break them, they won't be able to play with their toys.

8. Be prepared for trouble - parents needs to use proactive approach for trouble behaving of their children. They must teach the child about end results of the situation. They should be taught well for upcoming situations and teach them how you want them to behave.

9. Redirected bad behavior- Sometimes child misbehave when they don't have anything to do. Try to occupy them hence we can channelize their energy in some constructive work.

10. Call a time out- A time out strategy works best when a specific rule broken by kid. In this we time out the kid for a pre set length of time like 01 min by keeping c children out for situation by giving warning . This strategy helps the child to learn and practice self management skills.

According to the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) it is important to focus on teaching good behavior instead of punishing on bad behavior. Research shows that any kind of physical punishment don't help o correct the behavior of the child. Same applicable on verbal punishment like scolding or shaming the child in front of their peer group. These physical and verbal punishments are not only disturbed their physical health but also mental health.

Avoid spanking: AAP advised, parents shouldn't spank their child as its increase the aggression and anger in the child instead of that teach them self control and responsibility. According to the research children who are spanked may likely to hit others when they don't get what they want.

Lasting impact: Physical punishment may affect the brain development and increase the risk of injury. Study shows that those who are spanked repeatedly had low self control and IQ .

Verbal abuse: Research says harsh verbal punishment, may lead to more behavioral problems and depression.

 Learn from mistakes: If you feel that you have committed some mistakes in the heat of the moments then get relaxed and cool down yourself first and then apologies to your kid and tell them how would you manage or handle the situation in the future. Try to keep your promise in the future, it really helps to make you a role model in front of your kids.

Effective Discipline tips by age:


Set the examples by your behavior you expect from them because babies learn by watching.

Use Positive language for communication


Pay attentions and praise the behavior that you like and ignore those which you like to discourage.

Be a model by practicing the non violent behavior in front of them and handling the issues in a constructive manner.

Set time out limit if required

Conflicts among sibling should be avoid by taking anyone side

Preschool Age:

Ask your child to treat others as they want to treat themselves

Grade school Age:

Tell them about the consequences if they don't follow the rules.

Teach them concern and respect for others

Adolescent and Teen:

Acknowledge the effort, achievement and success of your child

Show love and attention to them.

Here are provided some tips that can help parents to make discipline your child with love:

  • Try to make corrections about learning rather than getting in trouble
  • Tell them what they should do instead of what they shouldn't do.
  • Speak firmly, but kindly
  • Set a good example in front of your child
  • Acknowledge your child's feelings
  • Find alternatives to physical punishment but not such hard
  • Never hit, shake, spank, or slap your child
  • You can make consequences realistic & stick with them
  • You can Offer praise for a job well done
  • Give big hug your child after using discipline
  • Forgive yourself
  • How to discipline your child the smart and healthy way learn more about it

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